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Streaming is always out on Saturday nights. Seriously, all you have to do is go back on this site and look at postings from Saturdays and there is always an outage notice. Either Netflix purposely chooses Saturday night for maintenance or Netflix simply isn't able to accommodate the volume of traffic that is directed to the site on what is probably their busiest night of the week for streaming. It's a major flaw that will need to be addressed if the company ever wants to seriously dethrone cable or satellite.
I guess I'll be dropping Netflix in favor of Quickster. I have two 8 out at a time plans. One has streaming and blu-ray access and the other doesn't. Streaming doesn't come close to the selection I can get on DVD. All streaming is good for is tv shows and most of those are on hulu plus which I already subscribe to. Having two separate sites is just a hassle for the users. Instead of one site where I can see my viewing options, I now have to diligently monitor two sites in order to prevent doubling up the same film on both sites.
For a few hours last night, netflix on PS3 was prompting me to log into netflix. When I did, it said my info was wrong. Had no problems with the instant streaming on my computer.
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Aug 22, 2011