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Being from lower New York State, I am aware that my local congressman, Maurice Hinchey, was one of thirty six representatives to vote against the House resolution condemning the Goldstone Report. Hinchey, professing to be a supporter of Israel, has shown himself to be a liar. Even the egregious Darrel Issa, for some reason, voted to condemn the Goldstone Report.
The cover shown here was illustrated by the late, great Wallace Wood, who is best known as an artist for Mad, but who also did extensive and outstanding work for Avon and EC comic books, particularly in the crime and science fiction genres. He was also known for his ability to draw voluptuous women, as is obvious from the cover pictured here. Sadly, he committed suicide to avoid suffering horribly from a progressive, incurable illness.
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2009 on The Sunday Funnies at Atlas Shrugs
This situation is an example of stealth jihad, as has been pointed out above. In this instance - and you will see many more such instances in the near future, as this tactic has met with much success so far - Muslims resort to costly litigation to impose concessions upon infidel individuals, businesses, and organizations, including educational institutions. Muslim plaintiffs get their funding from Saudi Arabia or other sources which can provide virtually unlimited money to promote the slow, gradual transformation of our society to make it more accommodating to Islam, even when such accommodation in no way benefits, and usually hurts, the organization or individual being sued. The defendant(s), unlike their Muslim adversaries, do not have unlimited financial resources, and often give up, thereby furthering the Muslim agenda. The mills of Islam may grind slow, but they grind exceeding small.