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This couldn't have been written at a better time. I've been getting so frustrated trying to pick who gets to go to bed first - my toddler (while I hold a sleeping baby until big girl falls asleep) or the baby (and big girl falls asleep WAY LATE in our bed. So putting them down at the same time? Brills. Just brills. I'll try it tonight! And as to the trolls - it seemed like it was just a handful of them that made sure they had something to say to each and every supporter of you, which were many. I don't know how they think they're advocating for anything with such a crappy attitude. Trusting your gut is very important as a parent, and if you think better sleep makes you a better parent, I think that's way more valuable to a baby than being cranky, short-tempered, and emotionally volatile. We each have to do what's best for our own family. Good job, mama! And thanks for all of the tips!
Your blog post has been playing through my head every time I try and get my picky eater to eat an actual meal and not just gold fish, or to even when I try to strap her into the high chair. Thanks for the tips! I just know that someday, someday, my kid will be a healthy eater. In the mean time, just keep her from starving? No. Just keep her from starving. That's better.
That is AMAZING. Where was this cat when my kid had 3.5 months of colic??
Toggle Commented Dec 22, 2011 on The Baby Whisperer Has Whiskers at Mommy Shorts
I LOVE birth stories! Possibly my favorite thing in the world. I'm hoarding my friends' and relatives' birth stories on my blog. Well told, funny, and I'm jealous it took you two minutes of pushing. It took me 3 hrs. But I had no meds, so it was a little intense. Happy birthing-Mazzy-day!
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2011 on The Day Mazzy Was Born at Mommy Shorts
Thanks for that link, Ilana. I do try to redirect, move her hands, and use clear/not-angry words. And I don't think her hitting is out of anger, either. We'll be having fun and she'll just up and bop me. And once that starts, the game we were playing is over. So maybe that's what she was trying to tell me, after all? It's sometimes hard to guess what a toddler is thinking to avoid the bops in the first place, you know?
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2011 on Mazzy's First Punishment at Mommy Shorts
She's 19 mo, so you are right on. So far your suggestion has been in line with what we've been doing. But she hits at day care and seems unfazed by me asking her to be sweet/soft touch/not hit because it hurts me, her dad, or her friends. Thanks a bunch for the feedback! I'll try it.
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2011 on Mazzy's First Punishment at Mommy Shorts
Oh, my heart broke for you. I know that must've been hard. Thanks for Dr. B's suggestions, too. My EB is hitting a lot right now and I'm about to go to a parenting seminar to learn how to deal with it. We'll be snuggling and playing and she'll up and smack me in the face. Or anyone, for that matter. So, you know, I'd take suggestions on that, too.
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2011 on Mazzy's First Punishment at Mommy Shorts
Your view of the parade in Manhattan was way more impressive than my view of the one in Austin. On Saturday. Why the heck was there a parade on Saturday anyways? Saw it for just a minute on TV. Totes jealous of your parade experience.
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2011 on A Very Manhattan Thanksgiving at Mommy Shorts
Mazzy and I must've gotten the same handout for the post Thanksgiving recoup.
I love holidays! And birthdays! Happy holibirthday to you!
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2011 on Happy Birthgiving to All! at Mommy Shorts
I can't look at the Thomas one without snorting. Why is he so angry?!
Holy craps, that was a funny post! I'm putting you on my Google Reader, Julie! Good job. A sidenote: my baby monitors are my thin walls. I can hear EB in her room just fine...unless I put a pillow over my head in the hopes that she forgets why she woke up in the middle of the night. I do use monitors if I'm going over to the neighbor's house for a "dinner out of the house" without needing a babysitter. Their living room is as far away from EB's bedroom as our living room is, i.e. NOT. Should I be admitting that?
Mine LIVES for reading manuals. The more complicated, the better. It's mostly synthesizer or other music equipment stuff. My eyes glaze over after one page...including him trying to explain a "particularly interesting" part. He could totally tell you all about it! I'll put that on his honey-do list, which is accidentally really long. Might be a while ;D
I like your #9 so much... because I made my Hubs read my new camera's instruction manual for me as well! It's just too true.
Oh man. EB loves dancing as much as goldfish. She gets rowdy to Talib Kweli, especially "Get By." She has great taste. I'm a FB fan with my personal account and with my blog account. Double duty. Too bad our girls live across the country; they could throw down in a dance off.
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2011 on Dancing for Diapers at Mommy Shorts
#21 You can eff with people by having uncles and aunts be younger than their nieces and nephews. The first rung of the family tree won't even fit on one sheet.
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2011 on 20 Reasons to Have 20 Kids at Mommy Shorts
Word, Brianne. Elyse, sometimes the funniest things are the most controversial. It would be boring if mommy shorts wrote things like "the Duggars might have a lot of children but they must be nice people." Sometimes finding the story is what makes life interesting.
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2011 on 20 Reasons to Have 20 Kids at Mommy Shorts
Oh man, milk. Tell me about it. EB can't say it yet, but she can sign it. So it looks like she's milking a bunch of cows till she gets it. And would rather have it in a bottle, not a sippy. Another way I'm not earning points toward Supermom-ness. And I can't spell out loud for ANYTHING. I might be able to decipher it if being spelled towards me, but I have to pretend I'm writing it to get the letters in the right order. Or in there at all. Now I wonder if I can even spell at all since having spell check on my blog! Probably not.
Toggle Commented Nov 8, 2011 on I am no Supermom at Mommy Shorts
That was amazing. Every bit of it. I snorted every time I scrolled down! Well done.
Toggle Commented Nov 8, 2011 on When Parenting Gets AWKWARD at Mommy Shorts
Very funny! I'm always on the lookout for another amusing mommy blog, where the writer gets that kids are great, but the stories/anecdotes come from where you least expect it. I don't think that you're complaining at all - so don't worry about your post coming off that way. I'm a mom to an 18 mo old and trying to get preggo w/ my second...but I dream of getting preg with more JUST because I like the feeling of being special while gestating a human inside me. Maybe being a surrogate is in my future since my house is so small? No, I'd never give them up. I now see why people end up with so many kids. Great job!
At 18 mo, EB got her first piece of candy yesterday. She had a fever and it was the onlyonlyonly piece of food she would eat that day...and immediately climbed on top of the coffee table. She's feeling better today and during breakfast she saw the candy bowl, put down her fork to point, and said Eat! Eat! She remembered. Oh, yes she did. Love your pics! Looks like y'all had tons of fun.
Holy majoly. I dream of 2200 SF...and how long it would take to sweep and mop the floor. My 2 bedroom house is a cozy 624 SF. Top THAT, Beyonce. Or should I say, Beyonce's cleaning staff.
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2011 on Dear Beyonce at Mommy Shorts
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