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East Tennessee is a remarkable place. Unlike any other place on this green earth. A visitor may be not appreciate, nor fully understand the mysterious and wondrous things that happen here. The life of a rural community in Appalachia not easily comprehended by the outsider. We baffle, though don't mean to. We're just a little different. For surely nothing commonplace ever happens in east Tennessee. Not since the pioneers settled here. We got a pie-eating contest that started around the Civil War and it's still going on. We got band festivals, football and basketball games, country music concerts to attend. Conway Twitty, Elvis, Hank Williams wake us and Roy Ackuff, Dolly Parton, Minnie Pearl, Bill Monroe put us to bed. We aren't fools enough to believe the news. We barely believe the sports. We watch television, often with the sound off. We drink buttermilk, eat grits with a fork and... Continue »