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The $30k and $25k is the PB reading the hubbard donations in your screenshot, which is further evidence they looked at your materials without citing it.
Oh sweet. Thanks for the SC poll. I hadn't seen that you were doing it.
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2016 on Texas Question Suggestions at Public Policy Polling
App/Disapp or Fav/Unfav on George Prescott Bush That's all I got. Texas is boring AF. Can I suggest South Carolina next, to see if its like NC and GA in swingyness?
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2016 on Texas Question Suggestions at Public Policy Polling
grassley numbers. Rob Hogg v. Grassley. Branstad, Reynolds, Ernst of course. Should Iowa be first? And save time for one or two strong takes from the debate.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2015 on Iowa Question Suggestions at Public Policy Polling
If you're going to poll college sports, use UM-Duluth, Wisconsin, SCSU, NDSU. Nate Silver found even the cities was Badger territory.
Constitutional amendment on legislative pay Legislative generic ballot (particularly metro-rural divide) 2018 Gubernatorial preview. Kinda in order of name rec or likelihood they'll run: Tim Walz, Tina Smith, Tom Bakk, Paul Thissen, Chris Coleman, Erin Murphy, Katie Sieben v. Tom Emmer, Kurt Daudt, Keith Downey 2018 Senate if you're really bored. Klobuchar v. Paulsen? McFadden? Vikings fans on AP, Teddy?
Pluto, NASA, Space Exploration, Fav planet (Uranus may win that one), whatever Iran deal. Good luck making non-loaded questions on it though.
Timmy Kaine v. Mark Warner for VP Gillespie #s Is pluto a planet?
NBA Loyalty? big basketball state, no team. Perhaps app/disapp would work for the crosstab, but McConnell primary voters attitudes towards Bevin to gauge the width of that chasm. Same with Comer voters.
A battery of questions on the police, policing, racism. police v. firefighters.
Oh, and since there's no voting anymore, I'll just suggest Kentucky for a poll. Strange lack of polling in the governor's race; and Paul numbers would be interesting presidentially.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2015 on Ohio Question Suggestions at Public Policy Polling
Johnny Manziel.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2015 on Ohio Question Suggestions at Public Policy Polling
I doubt it would happen, but Rodney Tom for Governor, as either GOP or Independent. Could be just for fun question. Has the legalization of pot had a positive/negative/no impact on your life. Mariners/Sounders/Cannucks/Seahawks Seattle is the largest ultimate frisbee community in the country, so favorability of ultimate might be interesting.
Cardinals, Coyotes, Suns, Diamondbacks. Should McCain run again? Should they adopt daylight savings? is daylight savings a hassle for them? Something like that. App disapp of that one crazy sheriff....
Grassley V. Culver, Vilsack, Vilsack, Gronstal, Harkin, Braley Reynolds v. Culver 2018 Fav unfav of Chipotle since its been in the news. This may be like polling Selena Meyer would do.
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2015 on Iowa Question Suggestions at Public Policy Polling
Iran Nuke Deal (deadline 03/31) Bibi HRC Email scandal If this is the last national poll before Kennedy finally recognizes gay marriage nationwide, probably worth testing. Things that could be 96% agreed: Free speech should government be allowed to quarter soldiers in your home without your consent in peacetime the anti Jim Wheeler, I oppose the releagalization of slavery
Alex Sink, Kendrick Meek actually have name rec, vs. the real candidates. Patrick Murphy Gwen Graham Might as well test Grayson if dems are that dumb. Testing Republicans for a primary if Rubio doesn't run. Allen West v. Rubio would be good too.
Kagen v. Feingold in the primary. Could throw in Falk, Burke, Mahlon. Also interesting to see a primary poll without Feingold or Burke, the name rec candidates. RTW, 20 week abortion ban, anything on the turn of the state from far right to ultra right. Is walker spending more time running for Pres, or acting as Gov? "is WI doing better than MN?" would be fun. Cheese v. Beer. New Glarus v. Leinies Pack v. Badgers better back, MG3 or Ron Dayne. Bielema, G. Andersen, Paul Chryst and Barry. And Bo.
Ebola, does anybody care now? Was the Government's response sufficient? ISIS/Boko Haram/Al Qaeda Kim Jong Un/The interview Free Comm. College Paid Sick Leave Cuba Obama born in the US? Ted Cruz born in the US? Would you let your kid play football? Worse Football or MMA/Boxing?
Test Kasich. If he's looking at a run, PA would know him better at least. Obv you'll test Christie, but i'll suggest a twist, of his numbers among Eagles fans after the hug. This thread isn't the place for this, but its what Ive got. I suggest a national poll either without a registered/likely voter screen, or even more aggressive, screen out likely voters. There's little data from anybody ever anywhere about the people governed who don't vote; especially those that don't vote in presidential. It'd be interesting to see why they don't vote, their opinions of national figures, issues. To an extent they are the unrepresented, the fourth estate.
Boise State or Idaho Vandals? Walt Bayes and Harley Brown numbers are a must. Butch Otter, too conservative or not enough? KS: school funding? tax cuts?
GA: Do the dems have a chance? [seriously, an enthusiasm question] GA: Jimmy Carter and Sam Nunn numbers. How much of Jason and Michele's appeal is from their fathers? CT: NYC or Boston? CT: Hypothetical proposal to merge with NY.
In IA, test 2016. Try Sanders, and/or Huntsman for indy bids. Possibly Klobuchar? App/Dis on Kim Reynolds in IA would be nice. LA is pointless for 2016. ISIS?
Obv you'll poll 2 way and 3 way race. Should taylor be allowed off the ballot? Does Roberts live in KS? Sebelius numbers? Is there no place like home? I'd also suggests specifically breaking the corsstabs to note where moderate-R votes are going, if possible. I think normally y'all break it down with ideology, and party, but not doubled up.
I know Minnesota is boring, but y'all just posted on Palin. Boring? hopefully. But its a void to be filled, after the primaries. Alas, I can't even really complain, because its Kansas. But seriously, please poll MN before another KY, GA, or friggin Texas.