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OK – so I was thinking “If the nasty liberal women in Congress now spouting their filthy mouths not unlike the trashy so-called comediennes littering so-called entertainment get their way and the States go ultra green and electricity becomes manna then where are the buying opportunities?” Whew – what a long-winded sentence. Anyway I had a senior epiphany – COPPER!!!!! Gotta have copper to transmit the power of Mercury since Edison and Westinghouse bankrupted Tesla financially, physically and mentally over his alternative ideas for transmitting electricity. Hmm, must be some buying opportunities in Cu here in the likes of Butte and Anaconda, MT, Bisbee, AZ and other historic bastions of copper production created by the labor and entrepreneurship of old white men. NOPE! Copper now comes from shitholes across the world. Guess that will appeal even more to nasty foul-mouthed globalist junior women in Congress.
" of control it would have provided over immigration, smuggling and customs...." Hadrian's wall 2nd Century AD. Everything old is new again.
And now add another to the bag. Today's outburst in DC District Court by Judge Emmet Sullivan handling the Flynn case was despicable. Sullivan needs to cite himself for contempt ;).
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We need another Frank Church...............
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2018 on Lying for a Living at Government in Exile
Today heads of USA haters on both sides of the 49th Parallel must have exploded at an extent setting off seismometers similar to the recent Alaska earthquake. Former Canadian PM Brian Mulroney’s stories about he and G.H.W. Bush at 41’s funeral were no less than wonderful. I attribute exploding head’s to Mulroney’s comment about the USA being the greatest democracy in the world. USA haters on both sides of the border – and there are plenty up north - must still be in their safe spaces refusing to come out after hearing Mulroney say that. Oh, while typing this the Omaha Steaks commercial showing two fat guys swapping spit whilst gifting steaks between themselves just added more validation to Ernie’s theory. Think I’ll have a Budweiser – another villainous corruption inflicted upon our nation by evil white men. Next time we’ll talk about professional sports brought about by white male reprobates – a workplace that’s now pretty much a white minority.
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2018 on The End of the White Race? at Government in Exile
Then I'll add tour list of pluses, Ernie. Appointing a great current associate justice to SCOTUS who libs tried to lynch over the likes of something to do with a supposed pubic hair on a soda can and other Anita Hill craziness.
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2018 on The End of the White Race? at Government in Exile
Good call, Gunny.
OK, have to admit I’m often slow out of the chutes. Wish I had the take-off speed of some of those great quarter horses I used to watch at Los Alamitos as a kid. Horses like Clabber Bam, Bam’s Clabber and all those other great quarters. But I digress. Tonight whilst preparing my single man’s repast I had Hannity playing for some background noise. Unusually he wasn’t again shouting about being a four year old apprentice (choose his latest stated field) or six year old gourmet chef in an Irish pub. No, tonight he was shouting and interviewing that great legal mind Pam Bondi – Florida’s soon to be departed attorney general. Bondi was throwing out more I’s than all the eyes in a sack of potatoes. Bondi is NOW addressing electoral problems in Florida. Not last week, not last month but NOW. Actually Bondi was too busy last week and last month auditioning for her own spot on Fox. There she was auditioning before the elections all Fox-like with tight red dress hiked up to her thighs as the camera panned out while political arson was simmering in the state she was elected to protect. Too little, too late Bondi. She exudes the congenital problem with Florida politics. But as I watched I thought it sure will be nice to watch the cat fight between her and Jeanine Pirro on Fox. The cleavage wars are coming. Grab the popcorn and think back to Dick Lane announcing roller derby and wrestling on early 50’s TV. “WHOA, NELLIE!”
On a lighter note: It's a safe link - trust me.......
Change? Two words - Broward County.....
Upon reading Legion’s opening comments …”associated with Washington Post, but he was not an American citizen…” I recognized there would be common sense and veracity in the rest of the writing. Having a difficult time grasping why a contributing opinion piece writer is being hailed as a “journalist”. Then again his affiliation with Muslim Brotherhood and his family’s wealth accrued through nefarious international weapons trade help me better understand why this guy is on the road to martyrdom. Oh well, different day - same old sxxt.
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A war isn’t fought just on battlefields. It’s better fought by including clandestine efforts which include deep-rooted sources – spies and saboteurs. Once again we see spies and saboteurs have been in place and well entrenched at yet another Federal agency with announcement of the arrest of Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards – an entrusted employee of FinCEN who at time of arrest possessed a thumb drive with thousands of financial records on individuals. The directory on the drive paints a picture of what goes on in the mind of a criminal like Edwards - "Debacle\Emails\Asshat". Reports indicate her crime also involves at least one of her higher-ups at FinCEN. Likewise at least one “reporter” at the notoriously leftist BuzzFeed is indicated to be involved. Let’s see how soon and how aggressively DOJ proceeds with a conspiracy prosecution. I would hope FinCEN data bases included a query tracking system as to what was searched along with by whom and when searched. If so there are likely some prolonged toilet breaks going on at FinCEN at this moment.
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2018 on The Second Civil War at Government in Exile
I think Portland, OR will be the next Fort Sumter....
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2018 on The Second Civil War at Government in Exile
Well, guess I'll be the one to throw water on the photo. The woman isn't Ford. She's Lyudmyla Kozlovska from Ukrania. She is a Soros accomplice. Still the tabulation of events is spot-on.
Thanks for sharing......
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2018 on Socialism, Anyone? at Government in Exile
Reading a few snippets from the purported high-ranking staffer crying out to the NY Times brought to mind numerous emails I’ve received that bear similarities. We’ve all seen them. Often crude attempts at stirring the pot. They usually go something like this: >fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd: Received this email written by a real hero who has the knowledge and guts to speak the truth. Read this and forward it to everyone you know, have ever known or might know in the future! I am an anonymous Senior Chief Petty Officer who earned my Combat Infantryman Badge while serving with the French Foreign Legion during Operation Jungle Fever on the battlefields of McMurdo, Antarctica. I proudly wear my CIB below my Air Force Distinguished Service Medal………………………… so that’s why I hate (fill in the name/cause being hated across the country at the moment). SEMPER FI! Pass it on!!!!! Ahhh – anonymity.
Nailed it, Legion. And today's latest drivel adds another nail: "Ryan Gosling stars as Neil Armstrong in the new film First Man, centering on the astronaut's historic Apollo 11 mission. On July 20, 1969, he and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon. Yet, one iconic moment is omitted from the movie: The planting of the American flag. When asked about the omission, Gosling explained that the producers wanted to focus on human achievement, as opposed to just American achievement." After reading the bio of the director/producer of "First Man" I come away recognizing why someone with his "unique" upbringing would choose to publicly ignore American accomplishments.
As always Peter you lay out and provide rational comments. There is one exception. The video you referred to is a slick dramatization. It was produced and distributed by an international cabal hellbent on undermining AI weaponry big and small: In the forefront of producing the video was U.C. Berkeley professor Stuart Russell. Currently Russell is a, if not the, darling of the anti-autonomous weaponry culture. UN Human Rights Council has its feathers ruffled over development, too. Suspect one wouldn't have to look far to find Soros' nose under the protest tent.
Thanks to the anonymous contributor who provided this piece. Very interesting and very plausible considering Russia’s history. Another thanks for nudging me to ordering a book I’ve had on my wish list – “Day of the Oprichnik”. It’s now on my tablet and will start reading it this evening. What started with Peter's post, then Legion's and now this goes to show there's value in studying and learning Russia. Not reacting to fallacious screeching and screed instigated by a sore loser Nov 09, 2016.
Reading Legion’s post and Peter’s before that I must say I’m quite confused. They lay out all the knickers-twisting going on by those on the left about current US and Russo relations. Twisted knickers on those who for so long have been so enamored by the likes of Lenin and Marx along with more contemporary communist despots. But one thing that really baffles me is where’s the mass hysterics over Merkel and Putin? Oh, I forgot. Merkel was reared in the Soviet Bloc’s East Germany. Active member of communist groups. Leopards don’t change their spots but I guess they get a pass.
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2018 on What Do Liberals Want? at Government in Exile
Not a rain out, Legion. I've got a draft response I need to get back to and post. Been busy warding off apologists and enablers almost immediately attempting to make the USofA responsible for last Sunday's shooting and murders in Toronto. Something about the weapon "likely" coming from the States - now proven false. But that's a story for another day. Back to yours shortly.
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2018 on What Do Liberals Want? at Government in Exile
My concern with the future of SCOTUS rests in what might happen when Democrats – and whatever form of Democrats might exist under that name – control both houses and the presidency. “When” not if. That will happen because it’s a fact of life the way the political pendulum swings. It’s not far-fetched that Dems will try to resurrect FDR’s 1937 attempt to rewrite law and allow for more associate justices and pack SCOTUS. If that were to happen we’d have our own modern day version of the Third Reich’s “People’s Court” with the likes of Roland Freisler and Madame Defarge releasing the hounds of miscarried justice.
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2018 on Democrat Judiciary at Government in Exile
Nice to see Rook’s great short & sweet post. It comes just after I finished reading the indictments of Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris and Ivan. Conclusion? Yes, it really is possible to indict a ham sandwich. How did those Commie rats do it? Phishing. That email technique that we see and hear so much about. We all encounter it now and then. Need to fill in time on local TV news? Bring in the ACTION! consumer reporter to tell about phishing of an old lady in Glendive, MT who opened an email and clicked on a link promising her a free Lawrence Welk music CD. In turn when she clicked Russian porn video clips appeared on her screen and wouldn’t go away. Ah, but this wasn’t just any phishing scheme – this was “spear phising”. That’s right, spear phising. A sexy new name for an old product. Maybe one of the indicted will turn and come to the States to tell his story. Why not? A free trip and lodging. Appearances on CNN, MSNBC and the View. Hollywood celebrities carrying signs “#BoristrumpsTrump”. Wonder what color ribbon those celebs will wear to the Emmys and Oscars to proclaim solidarity with Boris et al? Now that Mueller and his codependents have wetted their whistles with this hack they can re-open the Clinton email case. And while they're at it they can open a case on Debbie Wasserman Shultz and those Pakistani computer scammers. Just kidding……..
A small example of parallax view suffered by the T.D.S. afflicted:
The left has become anarchists – incipient and outright. Every day a new cause is whipped up. Not just by the day but also by the hour and minute. Now I.C.E. is the enemy and cause célèbre – tyrant to forlorn refugees who have a right to enter this country free of scrutiny and never having to fear deportation. That is in the broken minds of the left who demand elimination of I.C.E. How long did it take for outrage to seethe towards Trump following yesterday’s shooting and murders in Maryland? Meer minutes. Outrage created and spewed by left media pundits and Twitter aficionados suffering from derangement syndrome. Today the outcry is to take up even more and stronger resistance. Outcry from Michael Moore and Hillary Clinton currently being reported. Fortunately Maxine Waters has found a burrow to crawl into while she claims she’s a target of a death threat. It is going to get worse before it gets better. But while law enforcement is busy arresting an affable demonstrator tossing chicken manure in the general direction of a recently notorious restaurant in Lexington, Virginia don’t count on people hiding their faces behind bandannas or Guy Fawkes masks being stopped from doing true bodily harm and property damage.