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Godspeed Ernie..........................
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2021 on Using Rico at Government in Exile
Gunny - BLM has followed and learned from the most insidious race baiting hustler in grifting and shaking down for capital gain - the one and only mumble-mouth rerund Jack-sun. Coke, Delta and all the bed-wetting corporations have jumped onboard. Let's look at their next quarterly reports.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2021 on Wokeness at Government in Exile
Continuing wit Franklin's insightful comment nothing has changed. Have to say in the words of Captain Renault from "Casablanca" - "I'm shocked - SHOCKED!!" there wasn't a ¡CELEBRATION! not unlike the Detroit Pistons victory riots ¡Celebrating!.....
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2021 on Wokeness at Government in Exile
Say what you want. Today's use of force witness brought on by the defense was a pro. Disregard HLN and their talking head cheerleader - a former sports news guy. Disregard the powleece NYPEEDEE "training expert" on HLN News "Hollywood Squares" format claiming the defense witness was "paid" - what a laugh considering his "expertise" was paid and not to mention the prosecution witnesses have earned $$$$ a day. All it will take is one juror with fortitude. Watch " Twelve Angry Men" if you don't believe me. In the meantime - let Twin Cities and its suburbs burn. Plus there was another west-side hangout I loved besides Wendy's. Pepe's at the bowling ally in Westchester. All cop meals - never free but $3.
So true, Gunny. But as I put together my Olongapo/Angeles operating plan I’m busily recruiting old, grizzled Navy chiefs - Old China Hand types - to develop and operate my bars. The same old school chiefs who pulled the O Club at Pearl from bankruptcy and ran one of the world’s best NCO clubs at Subic while similar clubs on Okinawa served warm beer and bags of stale pretzels. Heck - those chiefs were able to keep the slots churning at chiefs’ clubs world-wide whilst other nco clubs lost their slots and went into financial ruin thanks to the THE sgt major of the Army and his international crime syndicate. Those chiefs know how to cater to every proclivity.
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2021 on China, Beware the Dragon at Government in Exile
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2021 on China, Beware the Dragon at Government in Exile
Wonder what talks are underway with the Philippines for us to "borrow" space at Subic Bay, Cubi Point and Clark AFB. Think I'll buy bars in Olongapo and Angeles City
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2021 on China, Beware the Dragon at Government in Exile
May have imagined it but if it did happen it fell off the radar in the blink of an eye. Something about a Navy corpsman - corpsEman as a former president would say. News indicated the corpsman shot a couple of Navy members. Then went to an Army base with weapon in hand where he was exterminated. But it all happened so quickly and disappeared I couldn't keep track. Wonder if CNN and MSNBC accurately identified the crazy corpsman right out of the gate?
Capitol Police Officer Billy Evans. Went on watch today expecting to be with those he loved and enjoyed at end of watch. His mortal watch ended with his murder today. As quickly as it happened his story was all-consuming in the media. Then Officer Evans’ murderer was identified. The media dropped the story and promptly went back to things like yet another Fauci interview. God Speed Officer Evans!
I'll kick it off - Matt Gaetz. Now I'm going upstairs to Peter's post and prepare my Chauvin "trial" diatribe.....
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2021 on Bueller, Bueller, Anyone? at Government in Exile
Each photo will require one dose of saltpeter before viewing......
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2021 on ¡BREAKING NEWS AT 11! at Government in Exile
Great observation Legion, thanks. Just a hunch but having worked in that cesspit south of the border and having had to schmooze with banana belt miscreants and reprobates this problem ain't going to change and get better - only worse. It's all about thuggery to get and maintain. And the biggest thugs rise to the top. Mexico's southern border? "Crack troops" getting their bite aka "mordida" to turn a blind eye for $$$ and let those suppressed from Central America pass on their travels to the land of milk, honey and welfare. Along the way north "churches", philanthropic and other groups providing way stations. Then the border itself. A mess from Tijuana east to Brownsville and all points south. Bedwetters watch and cry as "crack troops", tinpot politicians, national politicians and cartels keep grubbing their ill-gained $$$$$. Someday I'll tell and post pictures of "crack" drug control troops my late wife and I witnessed post-retirement selling photos-ops to tight-butted American blondes in dental floss thongs frolicking in the original land of "what happens here stays here." That was what was once a halcyon off the beaten track beach with beer and local shrimp. Now it's a cartel trafficking station.
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2021 on ¡BREAKING NEWS AT 11! at Government in Exile
Talk about quick on the trigger. Go back and read again Kamala. Never said anything about foreign troops and our border patrol interacting. Clearly stated "airlifting..... to Mexico". Mexico can't - more likely won't - control things from their southern border to their northern border and their ocean and sea borders as well. But that's a separate topic for another day. Besides my U.N. airlift was pretty much tongue and cheek given it doesn't take much to realize that outfit historically has and will undermine our nation whenever and wherever.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2021 on ¡BREAKING NEWS AT 11! at Government in Exile
File under Curious Minds Need to Know: Got to wondering - “Where is the United Nations and their charity UNICEF during this border (fill in the blank per your views: crisis, chaos, attack on the U.S., dilemma or situation du jour) never ending show?” Shouldn’t the UN be airlifting “crack troops” wearing baby blue helmet liners to Mexico from places like Netherlands and Haiti? Shouldn’t the UN through UNICEF be setting up field operations in Mexico to care for these wayward waifs? Googled in a hunt for what UN/UNICEF was doing. Gave up when the requests from UNICEF for charitable donations never ended and viable information kept going missing. Oh, and the history of UN insisting what the US do within its own borders.
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2021 on ¡BREAKING NEWS AT 11! at Government in Exile
Interesting observation, Legion. Searches for Higginbotham come up very, very lean. News aside where and how this missive was reported and memorialized triggered my curious mind. There are a few references to his military career. The most recent are 2019 excerpts from congressional records pertaining to committee appearances regarding his Marine staff duties. Digging around brings up some interesting cross references. One such is this piece - an op ed by a “Captain John” dated 28 Oct 2020. It offers verbatim what Higginbotham is credited with reporting. Interesting John attributes the comments he forwarded to a New Zealand “author, film maker and public speaker”: At this time I’ll say Higginbotham might be a plageriest. My horse sense tells me he’s not. I’ll say his photo and name were plucked from the annals of the internet as a convenience in a cut and paste hoax. General Higginbotham - a real general with a name befitting a Gilbert & Sullivan character. Who knows - maybe the Kiwi quoted by Capt. John is a plagiarist? If this story circulates as I suspect it will soon be credited to Captain Jinks of the horse marines.
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2021 on The History of Kamala Harris at Government in Exile
F Troop and Fort Courage coming to the Beltway?: "Task Force Calls for Permanent National Guard Force to Protect DC 8 Mar 2021 | By Steve Beynon A task force charged with making recommendations to boost congressional security after a deadly Jan. 6 pro-Trump mob assault on Capitol Hill has proposed establishing a permanent military presence ready to go at a moment's notice in Washington, D.C. 'This could be done by mobilizing military police from Guard elements across the U.S. on rotations of three to six months,' the task force's report states. Another option would be to create a QRF that permanently resides within the D.C. Guard by reestablishing a military police battalion and staffing it with active Guard reserve troops who live in or near the city year-round, perpetually on active duty." Wonder if Pelosi will get those machine gun she wanted?
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2021 on United States of Belfast at Government in Exile
First batch of J&J vaccine arrived in Washington State this week. Initial report it would go to old folks first. Actually went to teachers first. School districts still trying to get teachers to go back to work. In the meantime grandma stays cooped up struggling to get a jab and eke out a few more "golden years". On the bright side viable national statistics are showing Egg Foo Flu cases have taken a huge drop since Jan 20 - a miracle that ranks right up there with parting the Red Sea.....
And here're two samples of vaccine distribution here in Berkeley North: "Important: 65% of vaccine appointment slots are reserved for Natives" "Important: BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities that have been more impacted by the pandemic only" These are cut and paste taken directly from a state-wide website devoted to finding vaccinations "for all". Looks like the 14th Amendment doesn't apply when it comes to jabbing vaccine provided with Fed, state and local funds.
Me: Doorbell rings. Delivery guy: Dropped off my order of chop suey. He leaves it near my door and makes a mad dash back to his car to uphold the virtue of no personal contact. Me: I bring the bag of victuals inside not giving a second thought to the delivery guy having it in the confines of his car as he - God forbid – breathed. And to think I didn’t wear a mask, disposable rubber gloves and run the bag and container through a sheep dip plunge before partaking in my isolated and lonely feast. Me: Waiting my turn for grocery checkout properly socially distancing whilst standing on my prescribed large red virtue spot. Woman ahead of me vacates and I move forward to next prescribed virtue spot at end of counter where there’s barely enough room for me to load my goods thanks to card reader and gallon bottle of hand sanitizer in place in a display of virtue. Checker: You’re supposed to wait in line at a safe distance – you can’t come in from the side. Me: I didn’t make a sideways approach. I was waiting over there at the prescribed socially distanced red virtue spot. Checker: No – you came from the side. Me: Would you prefer I leave and not shop here? Checker: It’s my duty to ensure a healthy environment. Me: I look forward to seeing you in the future. Two experiences – not unique – we’ve all been there and will be there again, and again and…….
Hmmm, Now I'm beginning to wonder about this article.It's been disputed for years as a fabrication however it's best to ignore the caveats about the man behind the green curtain and snoop for oneself (not to be confused with Snopes). Deep digging on the WWW brings up what is deemed to be the mother of the claims and counter claims regarding this article. One Anthony Bryan (who?) is said to be the author of his opinion piece dated 23 Sep 2014 at "American Renaissance": American Renaissance? Probably in David Duke's bathroom library and a hit in Hayden Lake, Idaho. American Renaissance is also on Southern Poverty Law Center's hit list so it can't be all bad.
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2021 on Ten Percent Is Not Enough at Government in Exile
Unfortunately this is a cut, pasted, and spiced with current events resurrection of an article that's been orbiting throughout the WWW for several years. It was first attributed to a reporter from the "Baltimore Sun" newspaper almost six years ago. That attribution was false. However the gist was topical back then as it is today.
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2021 on Ten Percent Is Not Enough at Government in Exile
The state of our capitulated union does draw comparisons to feudal systems. Time wise we’re currently being drawn back to 17th Century England when feudalism was waning. 17th Century – one hundred years of continuous chaos within the English parliamentary system. The days of an unprincipled Parliament doing the bidding of a sovereign on the surface but undermining the sovereign at every chance. Leading Parliament was the House of Lords – Lords – not unlike our Senate. Lords – a political body of unelected oligarchs from various backgrounds including and still to this days ranking clerics of the Church of England – clerics reporting to the head of their church – the sovereign. Today we are falling prey not to oligarchs – persons with various foundations of power - but to plutocrats – persons using their financial fortunes to take and wield power. Like Parliament in those days we are now witnessing a dubious group not unlike Lords. There was no supreme court in England at that time. Lords had final say in carrying out the law. Today we use the term “star chamber” to refer to a clandestine group secretly rendering governance and law. In England there was an actual system like that with the title “Star Chamber” which did the sovereign’s bidding. Today people think of the ill-fated Gunpowder Plot against Parliament and one of its co-conspirators - Guy Fawkes – as the patriotic symbol of those times. Unfortunately modern people lose sight that 17th Century Parliament gave rise to Oliver Cromwell and the havoc and destruction he and his regime crippled England and much of Britain with – not just Cromwell’s war but well after that through Cromwell’s parliament. We’re now at a place in our country where our forefathers were in their Colonies when they were bearing England’s convoluted brunt in the 17th and 18th Centuries.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2021 on Creating Royalty at Government in Exile
Don’t conclude NRA is financially broke because of the bankruptcy filing. Far from it. It’s a tactical move on the part of NRA to protect their wealth. Done all the time to shield assets when suits are being flung about like apes tossing their excrement in zoo cages.
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2021 on The Social Media Oligarchs at Government in Exile
“Boss” Tweed was a pantywaist compared to today’s political movers and shakers aka manipulators. Tweed’s Tammany Hall has franchised out expanding globally.
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2021 on Rigged Elections at Government in Exile
So let’s see if I get the ¡BIG PICTURE! On Nov. 17 Trump fired Christopher Krebs, no relation to Maynard G. Krebs of Dobie Gillis fame, Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. The media stoked by America’s favorite lying Neanderthal cretin Muslim convert John Brenan joined in attacking Trump for firing Krebs due to Trump’s once again uncontrollable and insatiable anger and ignorance. Anger over the election. Then later comes news of Russia reportedly committing one of the largest hacks in history. Hacking DOD, Treasury and more. Airwaves are now telling Mabel in Omaha to be careful, change her password and subscribe to LifeLock. That will take care of those pesky Bolsheviks – for sure. Yet those same airwaves aren’t broadcasting, nor is print media asking ‘Where was Chris Krebs when this was going on?’ Looks like once gain Trump was early-on apprised of facts, responded accordingly and once again was gashed with his own Spear Of Destiny.