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This puts a really good focus on "usability" within organizations. Social media and web 2.0 is still in that "fad" phase where people and orgs are starting to adopt it because "everyone else" seems to be doing it but there's no underlying plan of use. You make a really good point in saying that the use is directly related to a person/orgs professional success (what can they gain for using it and how can they justify its use to their company). I've personally found that with technology in general there is always a huge gap between the creator and the user. Tech applications are made "to work" by the creator, which are then passed onto (or in some cases, forced onto) the user. When the user complains that they don't know what to do, the creator is like, "well, it works." And the user is like, "no, it's not working FOR ME." We may find that these 2.0 champions are able to fit in between the creator and user as a kind of translator for usability. The translater is familiar with the process and logic behind the creator's work in making a product but also mindful of the inexperienced user. Regradless, this whole evolution of technology is so exciting that I can sleep...ever! But that's okay because I've got my machines. Great post! (I found the link on our Socialtext wiki.) hee-hee.
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Feb 5, 2010