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Imran Ahmad
Author of 'The Perfect Gentleman' (originally published as 'Unimagined')
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I bought myself a Kindle as well, as my Australian publisher is bringing out an eBook of 'Unimagined' shortly, and I need to be able to experience it just as both of the readers will. But, I deferred the choice of a leather cover (which I consider to be an essential accessory). Do I need the one with the light? Pray tell ...
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2010 on A Happy Kindlemas... at dovegreyreader scribbles
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I was so spoiled by wonderful reviews, including a lovely one from dovegreyreader, that when I got my first negative one (and it was really horrid), from a book club in Australia, I was stunned and deeply hurt -- particularly as they called me a "hypocritical twerp". But on reflection, I came to understand that the subtext of my book was too subtle for some readers, and that if they DIDN'T see the sub-text, they WOULD think I was a 'hypocritical twerp'. I took this on-board when writing the enhanced version, and made sure that the new Epilogues and Afterword make my actual attitudes completely clear. And to show my gratitude to that book club, their horrid review is included in the acclaim at the front of the new book.
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Mar 15, 2010
You expect me to go to the Post Office in this weather?!
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I feel so blessed! Thank you!
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I've been to the Moon many times in my dreams. Please put me down for this one, Dovegrey. Imran in London
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Please put me down for this one, Dovegrey. I need to learn about bookcover design, apparently. Imran Ahmad
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