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Thanx! There is a new title I can put on my resume: Domain or Brand Strategist 2X I contacted major companies to alert them the dot com of their product name was available for hand reg!!!
You're multi-screening! Dig that coffee mug with the crown! Here is a picture of my setup:!/iMultiscreen/media/slideshow? It's more primitive, but dual screening, nonetheless!
I like That is @MHB's name. did an amazing job just with a dot tv, will enjoy to see what happens with the dot com!
Good find! :)
Toggle Commented Dec 24, 2012 on sells for $250,000 at Hybrid Domainer
Thanx for catching this interesting study - I didn't come across it in the main tech headlines! That is why I peruse Domaining aggregator, as well as Techmeme, because domainers often zero in on pertinenet news! Here is a working link to the GigaOm article: Report: 40 percent of mobile ad clicks are fraud or accidents - your Fortune link is broken! Trademob's findings underscore the high value of brand id advertising on high-content, premium websites.
Karen Bernstein seems nice and is a refreshing personality in this mostly-male dominated business - hope you can resolve things with her! I only know you informally as Domain King - did you trademark the expression? Maybe it is a little sly humor on her part that is easily resolved?
I'm in the back doing dishes! LOL. Pearson promotes one of its products, Side by Side TV. I already registered and the for the purpose of dual sports streams on one screen . . . There is no conflict, but it shows what newbie domainers like me are up against: promotions companies and departments and ad agencies, being uneducated about domains, midlead their clients further to register long-tail slogans and Facebook pages . . . Not only do I have to learn this business, I have to educate the end user who has been mislead and exploited by the ignorant marketing firms in their employ. It is a nightmare. is a nice domain, and I appreciate your effort to realize the true long-term value of domains, which bring up the value for the entire industry.
May I venture a suggestion? Switch, "they," at the beginning of this sentence: "They own the domain, which is a country code domain name specifically for Brazil that they started using just last year." with "Online Services, Ltd. and E-Commerce Media Group Information and Technology, Ltd., own the domain, which is a country code domain name specifically for Brazil that they started using just last year." because the last company mentioned is . . . so it would cause confusion to leave it, because you said, "eRealestate," then, "They own Hope this all gets resolved to your satisfaction!
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Apr 6, 2012