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Matt, The best thing to read is the expanded edition of Politics and Vision. For shorter introductions, I’d recommend his essays “Political Theory as a Vocation” (APSR, 1969) and “Fugitive Democracy” (Constellations, 1994). Let me know what you think!
I would give Big Man On Campus an honorable mention: It's not quite in the same league as the others on this list, but it gets a little credit for being a 1980s comedy that breaks from the frat/sports themes. And bonus points for having a character named Bob Malooga Looga Looga Looga Looga.
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Thanks much for these comments. Jacob Levy’s insights (linked by Matt above) are very helpful, and make me realize that I should have expressly acknowledged the non-overlapping aspects of political theory, political philosophy, and legal theory in suggesting that they fit together like a Venn diagram. That said, my own experience echo’s Levy observation that at conferences with political theorists and political philosophers, “there’s an air of, ah, now here are people who understand each other.” I've only been at this for a few years, but the best example of interdisciplinarity that I’ve witnessed was at the annual meeting of the American Society of Political and Legal Philosophy (, which drew participants from law, philosophy, and political science. Since I don’t really know the answer to Al’s good question, I’ll punt with a non-responsive response. One route to the kind of data about which Al asks may be through intellectual histories of political theory. I’ve benefited greatly from John Gunnell’s work, especially his Imaging the American Polity and The Descent of Political Theory. While Gunnell’s approach isn’t quantitative, his sources might point toward some of the data about which Al asks.
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May 12, 2010