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JLDomergue1:57PMSep 1st 2008 Palin has a lot of positives as a Republican VP candidate. She's got a great life story and believes strongly in conservative social values. The rest of her resume, while admirable, is not particularly compelling. Yes, she has some administrative experience -- George Bush had more and look where that got us -- need I say more? As to "reformer," I'm not clear whether she simply used what the FBI did to win an election or whether she's actually done more (she did say no the the "bridge to Nowhere" but she kept the federal money.) McCain needed to energize his social conservative base. He got that with Palin. Choosing a woman who talks about a "glass ceiling" may be aimed at Hilary's woman supporters but it serves another purpose admirably -- insulating Palin from press scrutiny. The campaign can just yell "sexism." If McCain thought his choice would attract Hilary's women supporters, he shows contempt of both our intelligence and our motivation for supporting Hilary. While I don't like the economic policies McCain stands for, I did believe he "put country first even if it meant losing an election." No longer. He fails the first test of a Presidential candidate -- choosing a VP who can step into the Presidency if necessary. Through no fault of her own,Palin cannot do so. McCain chose politics over the country's welfare. Far from wooing Hilary supporters, he has motivated a lot of us to work very hard for Obama's election
Toggle Commented Sep 1, 2008 on Sarah Barracuda at Monica Crowley