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I have no issues with Christians as such; they can believe in whatever they want. But, it makes me really angry when, like islamists, Christians appropriate other peoples' cultural traditions and fraudulently label it as Christian this or that (like Christian Carnatic music or Christian Yoga, etc). Carnatic music, Yoga, and Bharatnatyam, etc, are deeply rooted in Hindu traditions and there is nothing Christian or islamic about them. It is as absurd as claiming Hindu gospel music or Hindu waltz. Wake up Ms Dandapani and shed the falsehood. Hindu cultural traditions are not for sale!
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2011 on Love Thy Neighbor at Tales of South India
"The offenders are all described as Asian." Why does dhimmi UK continue using this absurd term in order to be subservient to muslims? Asian? Were they Hindus, Sikhs, or Buddhists? I bet these thugs were Porkistani or Bangladesh muslims. Wake up UK and start to a spade a spade.
Use of the term "Asian" in UK lumps together Hindus, muslims, and Sikhs. The British press as well as the police must identify muslims as muslims, not as Asian. We Hindus don't want to be associated with islamic scum. Will PC Britain wake up before it is too late?