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Google Play > Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc. IMHO Not only do Google apps rank higher on this list, Google Play also includes YouTube Red. That's tons of ad free music + ad free videos for sub fee...
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Greetings all, Dön Harrisön here and I'm always looking to network. In fact, "Learning, sharing, and cultivating relationships" has always been my motto. I'm a music biz lifer, creator of 'Oath of the Indie Musician' (dubbed Artist Development in Verse Form), and author of 'Take the Oath: A Practical Pocket Guide for the Indie Musician' both available at and I'm part of the team bringing you Professor Pooch's Music Business Education at I've also migrated into film and self-publishing, sharing that info as @IndieBizCoach on Twitter and at for those into horror. Let me know if you wanna do some cool stuff together \m/
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Well, yeah, whatever's in the signed contract. There should be no confusion, just make sure those "promises" are laid out legally before you hire a PR firm/Publicist. I mean, technically, you can "reasonably demand" ANYTHING as long as it mutually agreed and in writing lol All in all, this is very good "should & why" stepping stone article for bands looking to up their PR game. Thanks for sharing \m/
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Aug 31, 2016