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I am not a lawyer, so I might misinterpret the law, but I don't believe Coulton has a leg to stand on and that FOX does not have to contact him. The creator of the work and/or the publishing company owns the right to derivative works created from their original composition. So, Glee needs only gain the permission of the author and/or their publisher for the melody and lyrics and can use any arrangement they want. If Coulton releases this on his CD or on iTunes, he owes mechanical royalties, if I were to record my own version of that song using his arrangement, I dont pay him a penny or have to get a license from him. So, I hate to say this, especially as a fan of Jonathan's, but FOX did nothing wrong here and Jonathan has no intellectual property claim to this arrangement.
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I don't know - I never looked at Trent Reznor as the DIY poster boy. I believe he is the poster boy for new marketing techniques that better connect to his fans and promote his new music. I think this might be a good thing for Columbia and their artists.
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If the link above isn't working, you can go here. If that is still a problem, please email me at and I would be happy to email or YouSendIt to you. Thanks to the folks at hypebot for covering my students work.
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Sep 8, 2012