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Louise Thundercloud
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Greetings, when I searched for my ancestor who is on the Dawes rolls, it was suggested I try accessgenealogy. It is a free site. You can also put the final Dawes rolls into your browser & check that way. Was your ancestor Cherokee or Freedman there are two different rolls
I am a mixed blood as are most who are in urban areas. My questions concernng the Indivisible project is this, how important is identity as a native person? I ask this, because the hurts expressed by many at being left out of pow wows, left out of discussions because of the color of skin easily has created a third definition, afro indian. I am a amature historian of a sort, I am also very solid in my identity. As a young girl was told of my native ancestry before any other ancestry, I was surrounded by my native ancestry. Later on I heard of the african and scot irish in my family. I read the writings of Vine Deloria Jr. on the Dawes rolls & the Lakotah people, and feel he made a valid point, that was did the Lakotah cease being Lakotah because they had a diminished land base? Because many of us have had terrible experiences within the native community, are we not native as well? My mixtures are Hunkpapa/Dakotah/Tslagi/Siksika & Coast Salish. Some of my blood is from Benin west africa & the moors. I indentify as indigenous or native. My desire to have native people open dialogue for those of us who have african ties was for healing & education. I still want us who have this blood mixture to be able to identify with who our people are. I never hear those with european blood say they are white indians, so I don't understand the push to be black or afro indians
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Nov 18, 2009