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Carrie Jo
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That picture made me laugh out loud!
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2007 on Overindulgence at Uncommon Julia
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I think this site is really great for matching potential first and middle names.
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Wow, that's pretty intense. Glad you know what it means, though.
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2007 on In the Dream at Uncommon Julia
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You might also consider doing it for a year or two, see how you feel about it, and if you're feeling unsatisfied with it, go back to your writing.
Toggle Commented Oct 4, 2006 on Decisions, Decisions at Uncommon Julia
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Oh how utterly horrible! I am so sad for their family! Definitely sending prayers and reiki their way.
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2006 on A More Worthy Cause at Uncommon Julia
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How are you feeling about all this? Hannah sure is growing up fast!
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You are either brave or crazy (or maybe a little of both). Good luck to you and hope it all smooths out soon.
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2006 on Pass the Pall Malls at Uncommon Julia
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