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John - Really enjoyed your piece and would like to offer two more elements of 'shift'. The broadest one I can see is the fading of the hard power paradigm - the idea that guns and money will guarantee you having your way in the world. America has seen this fading and shifted to a 'smart power' formula, a blend of hard power and soft power - meaning cultural attraction. I believe there is a bigger shift towards soft power as the dominant paradigm because of the growing understanding of the agency that networks, particularly the internet, can deliver. China, India, Indonesia have all adopted an explicit soft power agenda for their international relations. The other big shift is the growing influence of women - in business and public life. This is still hard to measure, because we are still reluctant to acknowledge feminine values and ways of being in the world as being distinct and effective. However, the call for more women in the boardroom, in politics and in public office generally, has arisen out of a sense of the previous model, dominated by men talking only to men having run its course.
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Mar 20, 2011