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Hi Steve, Thanks for your very informational posts. I'm wondering if you can give some insight into a question I've pondered for some time. Obviously, the leap to Westmere chips in the VNX and now Sandy Bridge in VNX Next Gen has led to a huge increase increase in overall performance capabilities of the mid-tier array. That being said, why did it take so long to finally embrace latest generation server-class CPU's in storage array controllers? Was the performance just not needed back then (pre-flash), was it cost, or some other reason? Pre-VNX, most CPU's that were released in storage controllers were typically not the highest speed CPU's available at the time of release, and many were CPU's designed for embedded use cases (Jasper Forest). Even though EMC has now refreshed to Sandy Bridge, many other storage arrays still haven't caught up to the Westmere chips in the Classic VNX.
Early on I heard feedback from one of my customers that VMware support was not really up to speed on supporting the new VDP as compared to VDR. They were having occasional "hiccups", and the answer from VMware support was typically delete the appliance and re-deploy it because support couldn't (or didn't know how to) do any in-depth troubleshooting. That was 4-6 months ago now so I would hope that's been corrected.
Toggle Commented Jul 16, 2013 on Using vSphere Data Protection? at Virtual Geek
Couldn't agree more that RecoverPoint is a fantastic technology. However, space-efficient snaps have nothing to worry about in terms of their life longevity as long as CDP continues to require 2X the space (not counting journals).
Toggle Commented May 8, 2013 on Are Snaps Dead? at Chuck's Blog
Agree with everyone else here, I don't think adoption has anything to do with it being free. This tool is a homerun in the mid-market where there are a limited number of admins, and they typically do both storage and VMware. I would think if you sampled only this market segment you'd find much higher adoption - at least among my customers :) That being said, Jim Millard makes a good point that mid-market customers (especially SMB) simply don't make that many changes to their environment. I saw a recent case where we tried to install VSI and got a strange certificate error. With 2 hosts and just a couple datastores, it wasn't worth the hassle to the customer to open a support ticket and spend hours troubleshooting when we could do it the old fashioned way in <10 mins. In enterprise accounts, I still some concerns about delegation of rights, not so much that the tool can't support it, but storage admins just don't want VMware admins creating LUNs on "their" array. Even if it is in a dedicated VMware storage pool that isn't shared with other non-VMware apps.
Cool stuff indeed. I've encountered issues in the past with vADP backups not working on certain virtual machines that don't behave well with VMware's software-based snapshots, and there was no way to use a hardware-accelerated snapshot with vADP. This looks like the solution, only wish it wasn't so far away!
Chuck - don't disagree with many of your high-level points on flash and tiering. However, to be fair, any traditional mid-tier array is going to have a challenge with random write workloads if there aren't enough back-end spindles. Forced flush cache conditions on Clariion/VNX are ugly too.
Toggle Commented Jun 19, 2012 on My Take On ONTAP 8.1.1 at Chuck's Blog
Chad, I will give you credit for the last bullet (6). That looks impressive and is inline with my expectations for what I now expect out of EMC-VMware integration. Kudos on that. While everything above that is good to see, and some of it looks cool, the VNX updates are long overdue......and technically still not here yet. it free with Replication Manager or is it a licensed product?
Great stuff on vLabs Chad, glad to see this is finally open to partners. That being said, it wasn't quite as easy as it sounded in your post to register :) There is a field for "Partner ID" when you register. As a partner (and former EMC PTC) I can tell you "Partner ID" is nothing that I have ever heard of before and most if not all Partner SE's are not going to have any clue what that is. I couldn't find it in EMC Partner Central or on my Powerlink profile. Fortunately, my local EMC Partner TC (shout out to Matt Russell) got me the ID number I needed very quickly.
Great advice, thanks Chuck!
According to my notes, Gen1 is not supported. Gen2 and up for Avamar 6.
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