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Very interesting interview. Some thoughts: 1) Nick's idea of a triangle (creative agency; media agency implementer/consumer understanding/view of the consumer experience; client - marketing & strategy) sounds like a possible way to organise things. However, if we look at media agencies I don't feel they actually understand consumers to any great degree. They have good data & good data processing, but many of them seem weak on interpretation. Perhaps this connects to Nick's thoughts about "a world of things" but to take an example from Maxus' website: "We are passionate about driving deeper engagement in the new communications landscape. We are connected to how and why people watch, read, listen, download, interact with and then distribute media to their friends, families and communities. We keep a step ahead, creating powerful, actionable insights that positively impact the customer decision journey and deliver a clear line of sight to business objectives." I feel like this is missing half of the brand lifecycle. If agencies are to produce truly effective communications, then they need to be thinking not just about understanding the communications engagement, but also the product engagement. How do people use, interact and share the products/services in question? Without this, we'll continue to see brand managers feeling shortchanged by agency outputs that don't augment the strategy. 2) Business model - it's easy to say "get leaner and fitter and more nimble" but we all know it's harder to do. All the more so when some agencies still making the most money off the old business model. This is perhaps where boutiques are particularly making inroads, are they more geared up for the new fee structures?
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Jan 21, 2011