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Inez Vanderburg
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Kari, this is so good. One of your best ever.
Oh Kari, it sounds pretty rough. I hope so much that they can find a way to relieve his pain so he can heal faster. These are the times that can make a parent feel crazy. I'm so glad Steven is there with you and Ike. I strongly feel they need to give the parents some sort of medication. You are not sharing too much medical information. BTW, I was on Stadol once and they didn't warn me -- I thought I was pregnant with a stuffed doll -- it's powerful stuff. I am sending you my love and prayers, thinking of you all day, and in my mind I am surrounding you and your family with love.
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Kari, I am so proud of you, your husband and Ike. This is hard stuff, and yet, it is getting better all the time. And the trach is out!
Kari, what a journey! You will certainly remember this for the rest of your life. It sounds like everything is going very well. I am thinking of you often. Inez
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Aug 6, 2010