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Heyyyy, your owls beat up my octopus! ;) Bwhahahahaha. Awesome job, Cean! Sweet, sweet apron. Congratulations from me (and the Chefalopod)!!
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I share your frustration completely. I also try my best to follow the contest rules. It's disappointing to see so many others that haven't, especially when the guidelines are so explicit in saying, "fabric designs created using water colors and digitized using a minimal amount of software manipulation." If a better weeding-out process before the voting opens can't occur, than I can only hope that the public is mindful of what the exact design challenge was. And yes, bravo to those who embraced the challenge and watercolored their hearts out! Good luck!
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I will morph my idea into a tandem salute to ultimate fighting and offtrack betting. It will be ready for viewing next April 1st. ;)
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Oooh, this just makes me laugh. A fabric smackdown. Hilarious, even if this is true. Or not. Or is. Or not.....
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Thank you SO much everyone! (Ruh-roh, SF: It's 'Samarra' with one M and two Rs). :)
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Mar 13, 2010