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Ingrid Echard
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I love the picnic blouse or the one that Annaliese made
How awesome do you feel? Great job!
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2013 on This is just to say at Ask Moxie
I don't think they were schmucks, just trusting. And THAT should not be a bad thing. I really appreciate their honesty!
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2013 on The Schmucks & The Schmugaboo at Mommy Shorts
What concerns me is that it is assumed that only parents telecommute. Or benefit from telecommuting. I believe that as a parent working from home is way more cumbersome than going into an ofice, providing the kids are home and your commute reasonable. I think that parents who effectively use it do so when they would normally have to take time off, say when their child is sick. My natural work style and learning style makes working in an offic ineffective at times. I work in short bursts and do excellent work, but then need a distraction. In an office it is generally a person who stopped by to say hi. That is a much longer break than I need to say switch out the laundry or even clean the fridge. If I worked from home, I would gladly add in hours at the end of the day to make up for the breaks, because things would be under control. So I would work with the kids in school, take a break and resume work when the kids were in bed. In certain jbs that really doesn't matter as that isn't face to face time anyway. My boss would directly benefit since I would put in more hours and more effective hours. AND I would be happier and be able to work from home even when sick without making others sick.
Toggle Commented Feb 26, 2013 on The Trouble with Working from Home at Mommy Shorts
I love my third baby. Sha was definitely welcomed. I had two boys and was shocked and terrified to find out that she was a girl. I had a four and three year old when she was born, barely three and barely four. She was planned and I was happy, but I think everything you are feeling is totally normal. Adding a baby is stressful on everyone. I think it may help you to discuss with your husband, because there is nothing wrong with being scared to add another child and upset the status quo. What happened for us was that #3 fit in our family like a charm, she really is the tie that binds us. It was like she always had her spot in our family. Then oopsie baby came along making him #4 and he is now a year and things are wonderful, but always scary. I have four kids, just 7, 5, 2 and 1 and I think regardless of how scary that seems at times, it always works out in the end
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Jul 12, 2011