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Mar 15, 2010
There is at least one more possibility Grover; it was after all "Media Week", a media trade pub, that reported that Air America would lose it's station. Perhaps the FACT (as you so loudly put it) that you are commenting on a three month old post and situations can change over time, might have something to do with it. Or perhaps it is you who are trying to obfuscate: WLIB will no longer be Air America's flagship station in New York as of September 1st. Will it? WWRL is taking over that duty and Air America won't be on WLIB any longer. Or perhaps it is you that is "completely out of touch with the goings-on in business media." Or the "media business." Whichever. On the other hand, perhaps I simply can't resist enjoying it when Air America squirms. Sean
Emissions trading, which is a really good idea but has been fought against by Mr. Gore and his green friends, is for industries. Al Gore is a person. See the difference? Green tags take advantage of green guilt. The tags are bought in addition to the consumption of fossil fuels, not instead of the consumption of fossil fuels. This is hypocrisy. Although you are technically correct that Al Gore did not claim to have "invented" the Internet, he did claim to have taken the initiative in "creating" the Internet. It's kind of difficult to see the difference and, given the fact that he said it in a stump speech, I'm not convinced that he wanted us to see the difference.
I can't remember the boat's name, but she has been turned into a dinner cruiser on Lake Superior—an ignoble fate, I think, for such a beautiful craft. I can see her from the end of the dock where I keep my sailboat.
Mike, You're right. What I meant to do was paraphrase Mr. Williams thusly: "Walter Williams and La Shawn Barber both decry the negative effects of blacks being mocked, intimidated and assaulted by their peers for "acting white." All I did was leave out that little part that completely changes the meaning of what I said. Thanks for pointing it out. Sean
Toggle Commented Dec 19, 2005 on Acting White. at Everything I Know Is Wrong
Tim, What I'm arguing is that people who think they know how to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels through social engineering, or end global warming (or even know whether global warming exists), or--to use your example--predict the consequences of genetic modification of food are deluding themselves. They, and we, would be much safer if they stuck to things they really know rather than messing with things they merely claim to know in order to advance an agenda. Sean
Bruhaha, That's an interesting nit you've picked. I've been using that word wrongly for years. Though Princeton's Wordnet lists "vastness of size or extent" as a possible usage it also says "in careful usage [of which I am obviously not guilty] the noun enormity is not used to express the idea of great size." Thanks for the pointer, and I think you may be right about Kyoto... Sean
Hi Peg, You are probably right. Boortz says Miller, “along with Matthew Cooper and Robert Novak, also wrote about Valerie Plame” but Byron says he doesn't "know why Miller is involved in all this at all, since she never wrote a story about it." Story or no, she and the New York Times certainly have a source that they are protecting and its not Rove: he's been thoroughly outed. Very curious.
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