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This "Catholic" is typical of Catholics who voted for pro-abortion, anti-Infant Protection Act, pro-FOCA Obama, as exemplified by my Catholic in-laws' justification for voting for him - "Well, nobody's perfect." And, please, I love how people protest how they "love me some mass" and can't even refer to the Mass correctly (mass without capitalization refers to hard, organic matter not the celebration of the Eucharist).
Feng writes that he voted for Obama because of his "leadership qualities" but admits he really doesn't agree with any of his policies. Huh? Was he voting for POTUS or Prom King? This explains how our center-right country still voted for the most liberal, least experienced Presidential candidate ever. They were voting for Obama himself and his carefully crafted myth, not his liberal policies. Hell, I doubt the vast majority could give you a semi-coherent reason for their vote or list even one of his policies or positions. They voted for the Healer, the Lightworker, the Messiah. They want to believe. It will be a sad day when the fantasy implodes, just like the day when someone tells you the hard truth that there is no Santa Claus.
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