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I agree with Mr. Munns. Well written. I think it becomes a far more easier concept to understand that all of our institutions are merely discourses that rest weighted on the shoulders of a few key statements. I came to understand this perspective by shifting my own perspective for an hour. Literally. Literally stand on a hillside and watch your city and/or small town function itself at night. None of it was meant to be, but because we created the idea of the system that runs our night and day, this can only be upheld as long as we choose for it to. One day we will grow tired and trade in the idea for something new. Something better? It becomes quite obvious that every concern and worry are but discourses that are support by statements we've made or sheepishly uphold. We can either be the master of our thoughts or the slaves to them. Focault, along with many other like-minded individuals, understands this and worked so that we may too. My concern is that men in power, men of lesser intentions and morality, are aware of their affect on discourse. They are aware of their ability to shape us and our fears to do so ourselves. is now following The Typepad Team
Oct 20, 2010