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Meow! Somebody get out of the wrong side of the bed? Great bitchin' post Gary, That's a pretty comprehensive list. As mentioned by CarDealerBlog, it's sad that the list is so long, compared to the bright points of 2010. Let's hope this time next year, there will be a similar list, but focusing on how well the industry has learnt from it's mistakes in 2010.
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A nice overview of the buzz from Day 2. And an honest one. I'm with you on Hyundai and Kia catching a few other OEMs asleep at the wheel, and successfully elevating their brand image through much improved vehicles and build quality, and value for money. And I'm with you on Audi too. Don't worry about the Golf, bring the A1, the market is right, with everyone scrabbling to offer an 'urban hatch' ala Fiesta. Mitsi? We'll see. It's a tough market, full of very attractive finance and other incentives. The Corolla? Probably will not hurt sales, and will extend the run another year or two.. And I'm sure, after 2 days of full on marketing, propaganda, endless new model presentations somewhere on the 346,000 square feet, I would forgo Chrysler for food and caffeine. Thanks for your coverage. I appreciate it. Oh, everyone is focusing on the good stuff, any chance of a rogue's gallery? A what are they thinking concepts? Thanks again Gary.
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Well done Gary. It looks like a great line up, and I'm glad there are speakers that really understand the landscape of today. Let's hope I've got time to attend!
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Nov 17, 2010