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Emily Leahy-Thieler
Roswell, Ga
Interaction Designer, wife, mother, blogger
Interests: UX, IA, Design, nature
Recent Activity
I have a blog and I tweet. In the past, if I liked a post on someone else's blog, I would have linked to it from my blog and posted some thoughts. Now I would probably just tweet it. I pass on a lot more stuff which is great, but it doesn't feel as much like a connection.
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I will definitely look into cognitive fluency more, but I can say that it makes perfect sense to me. When the part of my brain that experiences new things is stimulated often, the more I like new things. When I start to fall into routines, the less I like them. I find for media consumption and creative productivity, I have to find a balance. But there is self interest too. If a client asks me if I've used Buzz, I have to be able to say yes truthfully.
Toggle Commented Mar 6, 2010 on Stop and Think at Servant of Chaos
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