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Thank you everyone SO MUCH - @janetboyer - Interesting concept to blend so many artists, and honestly, some of these are outstanding, both in art and in communicating the card energy! Well done! :-) Happy International Tarot Day indeed! :-)
Janet and Ron - this is an absolutely FABULOUS list and as mentioned by me, a few of these are not listed on the supposedly-complete Aeclectic Tarot site - I pinned it on Pinterest! :-) So I have a couple that I love, they are moon oracles! 1) and 2) - check those out! :-)
Wonderful bounce - back Janet! :-D Yeah, nothing alike, well they both start with C, does that count? Interestingly, I had a different cauliflower moment, as I had a half head I inadvertently left out of dinner plans. Looking through the fridge for extras of stuff, I was thinking about it and oddly found in my social media feed a recipe that was for Moroccan spiced cauliflower of which I had most of the ingredients and even with the missing one left out, it sounded good! We may be eating that dish more often, and I adjust the spicing with things I have :-)
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Oct 20, 2016