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Very cool! I could also envision fastening weights to 50 ml bottles with differing lengths of fishing line to create a frozen matrix of booze.
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The article states "...but the Dutch version comes in at around $1.50-$2.00 per barrel, or approximately $1,100-$1,350 per acre-foot of water." If it's the low estimate of $1.50/bbl (42 gal), then that's $0.0357142/gal. An acre foot is 325,841.429 gal, so that would be $11,637.52/acre foot, or roughly 10x what is stated above. Am I missing something here?
Great stuff over there, Camper! As a guy who spends 40 hours a week talking about water, it's nice to see folks getting an idea of its impact on their favorite spirits and beers. One thing I would add to Ian's commentary is that the salts to which your calcium and magnesium are attached are nearly as important as the metals themselves. Whether you have calcium sulfate or calcium chloride can have a big impact on your downstream operations, for example. Cheers
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The water sounds ok, but if they add some grain, ferment it, then distill it, put it in a barrel for a while, then add some more water, I think it could really turn into something!
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Great article--looks like I may need to add a bottle of PAMA to the home bar. In related news, if I was to name a new pop-up bar or consultancy today, it would definitely be called "Smoothing Agents".
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2012 on Modifiers in Cocktails at Alcademics
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Great article--thoroughly enjoyed it! Canada Dry is my go-to tonic around the house. I was just gifted a bottle of Tomr's tonic syrup--need to play around with that before forming an opinion. I did a similar shootout with gins for G&Ts, but it wasn't a blind tasting. That's here if'n your interested: Cheers! - Josh
Nice job--I left a comment over at the Class site.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2012 on Filtration in Spirits: A Primer at Alcademics
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Wow! Mouth-watering photos and descriptions.
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Mar 19, 2012