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Interests: kiteboarding, artificial intelligence, evolution, sea kayaking, energy and environment, molecular manufacturing
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Mar 15, 2010
Good piece, Robin. You're obviously right that humans have a built-in bias to look at complicated situations and reduce them to simple binary choices. It wouldn't be hard to develop a theory of evolutionary psychology that supports your thesis. And I don't think a comparatively few centuries of Enlightenment will quickly overcome our hundred millennia of evolutionary development. So, what's the solution? We've come a long way already through the spread of freedom, equality, education, and the benefit of a fossil-fueled prosperity. Yet, as you point out, we're still inclined to look for right sides and wrong sides, good sides and bad sides, ready to choose up and fight. As a transhumanist, I wonder if the availability -- and, perhaps, popularity -- of enhancement therapies to increase our intelligence, moderate our psychology, and maximize our wisdom will someday open a door into a new way of thinking and living without the reflex need for conflict.
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