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The world created by Cameron is full of visual inspiration, I am sure that in this amazing universe we live in there are worlds that reflect many of our imaginations. So my fellow Avatar lovers, once suggestion: Smile at the person next to you, hold your lopved ones hand whenever you can, imagine all around you on the road are your family and remember money doesn't go with you after you die...with these four small facts you will wake up every day a happy person.
The underlying philosphy in this movie is amazing. Rather then being a world Zen concept we are looking at a universal concept, whereby all the universe if connected. When you can wrap your mind around this you realize how true the concept is and that, in effect, we are all part of nature on a universal scale and not just on an Earth scale.
I have never raved about a move as much as I have about this one. I am a 47 year old Brit. living in Israel, I grew up on Bladerunner and Genesis and this was by far the most important movie experience of my life. I can only say that in this ever increasing digital world where the TV and PC replace the movie hall James Cameron has given movie theaters the reason for their existance. I really do hope that all the crew and cast of Avatar succeed with this movie and that each one sleeps better at night... Continue reading
Posted Dec 18, 2009 at Ian's blog
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Dec 18, 2009