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Shelia Ipock
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I would love to do this, but sadly my sewing room has become the "junk room" that unfortunate place that the rest of the family drops stuff they don't want in their own rooms. I like the idea of recycle/renewing existing dresses though. I don't know how Tea (sp?) is doing it all with a baby, school, work etc. I will be starting school next week to get a degree in Art, plus I'm working and of course my family. Way to go and kudos to her :) Great fix to a very pretty dress Erin!
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2011 on A Great Little Fixer-Upper at A Dress A Day
I have 3.5-4 inch heels that I absolutely love, but I wear them when I know for a fact I won't be walking a ton at work.
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May 2, 2011