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Fox Tucker
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#zoonie Could the last "zoonie" to leave TypePad/SixApart, please turn out the lights. I thank you
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I've been away for a few days. Today I return to my mailbox with x8 messages, to my x8 typepad accounts. All saying... "we've got a new owner, but nothing will change." I've been using the internet commercially since 1999. I'm far too long in the tooth to buy the "nothing will change" marketing bull'S. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with typepad, but from personal experience of internet service buyouts / funding / takeover / mergers/ whatever, I feel that now is right time to take my revenue elsewher, and invest in my own platform for my blogging/social activity. A real shame. I'll miss you Typepad. It was real fun while it lasted. Boo! Hiss! Boo!... but enjoy the bucks. The typad service was the best (but only because you were working to this 'endgame' scenario). Congrats on duping us along your road to personal reward.
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Mar 15, 2010
Good job on the iPhone App! Been having a play with it and it's very intuitive.
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