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Great post Michael. I definitely agree with you and I also agree with AbsoluteZero. Companies are constantly trying to measure the ROI of social media or social learning. To me that is a way to put "slow down the train of change". I am sure when the telephone came out, there was HOOPLA about how it would affect productivity. Businesses that uses social media should see it as a means to an end, just as a telephone or email allows communication (we don't try and ROI that). As you stated, if your social media strategy if focused on people and not on just the tool then success is more likely. I agree with AbsoluteZero that a paradigm shift is happening an customers/employees will have more of a say in company development. Just as Web 2.0 pushed out Web 1.0, social media is helping transform Business 1.0 into Business 2.0.
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Apr 7, 2011