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Irene J Johnson
Who Am I? My name is Irene J Johnson, I am 27 years of age from New York. I'm an independent writer situated in Queens. I finished a Bachelor expressions at the Academy of Journalism in Queens. I moved into independent in light of the opportunity it held. I'm focused on telling truth regardless of what subject I'm exploring. Respectability is essential to me. Why make this space? I'm a bibliophile, I straightforward affection to peruse! Perusing has been one of best encounters of my lifetime, so far and I need to impart my energy to any individual who will tune in. Furthermore, the Internet has turned out to be a brilliant stage to share my thoughts and perspectives on a wide range of topic. Thus, that is the manner by which this space came to fruition. I appreciate family and companions. Affection perusing, motion pictures and going out for long strolls. Not a major night owl. I have every one of that makes me glad.
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Nov 21, 2015