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It may be that some of the [small c] conservatives are in UKIP. bjg
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2013 on Is conservatism dead? at Stumbling and Mumbling
"Revolutions are made not by the most wretched people, but by those who have the power and motive to effect change." It is possible that the revolution is already under way, made (just as you say) by those with "the power and motive to effect change", but that those folk are the Type I people and that their revolution is moving in a direction that is not the one you would like to see. bjg
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2013 on Abundance & revolution at Stumbling and Mumbling
Perhaps there is a fourth possibility: that employers are more interested in predictability than in productivity, because they want to reduce the risks they incur in making contractual commitments to their customers. bjg
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Aug 10, 2012