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Aug 29, 2011
Great post, Paul. Agreed on the meaningful note -- that's why we not only require a detailed message of appreciation (after all, if you're going to take a minute to recognize a colleague, you might as well take two minutes to make it specific and personally meaningful) but also encourage customers to allow anyone to "pile on" with additional notes of congratulations. Similar to your point that Sales doesn't close business without the help of many people, so too do your "star performers" not shine without the help and support of the vast many in the middle. It's that middle percent of good, steady (but "average") performers who are so often neglected when it comes to recognition and appreciation.
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Great post, Paul. Yes, we are FAR past carrots and sticks as motivators. I wrote a couple years ago about this metaphor -- "When you think of an image of carrots and sticks as a motivator, what's in the middle? A jackass. I don't think of my team members as jackasses, do you?"
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Many congratulations, Paul. You're right. That is quite an achievement, similar perhaps to a 24-year career in one company in today's day and age? Excellent analogy to the workplace, too.
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Thanks, Paul, for referencing my post and expanding so well on it. You have put quite bluntly what I also believe -- the cash choice is the lazy choice (and often the political one). Your response to Benjamin is also key, especially the last paragraph -- "once compensation is equitable and fair - more money doesn't do the trick." Cycling back to our excellent BlogRadio session. I hope people do tune into that if they weren't able to join us live. Again, thanks for carrying this important conversation so many giant leaps forward.
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Paul, a belated thank you for leading this very interesting and informative conversation. I enjoyed myself and learned a good bit, too.
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Interesting take, Paul, and I don't necessarily disagree. I read your post earlier today and just read Tim Tolan's post over on Fistful of Talent. It's an interesting comparison. May have to blog about that myself. Tim's post:
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Well stated, Paul. We've long advocated against the "elitist" recognition program structure, precisely for the reasons you explain. It's flat-out demotivating to the employees who work hard, contribute to the success of that top 10%, but get no thanks or recognition for that effort. It matters greatly from a retention standpoint, as well. As BlessingWhite research reported: “The 29% of employees who are engaged in the typical organization, while not immune, are less likely to respond to competitive overtures. However, the 27% who are 'almost engaged' are strong performers — and they'll take the call from a search firm.” I wrote about that research last Friday for anyone who may be interested:
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Jun 14, 2010