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Isaac Schrödinger
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I can imagine. Some of the best players in the world face each other and instead of a hard fought battle over five days, you got a crazy see-saw match that imploded in under two. Root is supposed to be scoring runs, not taking wickets!
Toggle Commented Feb 26, 2021 on What the pitch? at Isaac Schrödinger
It's astonishing that they managed to win two Tests with so many injuries. After the first Test, the Aussie bowlers never really displayed the same venom. The Indians were out for 36 then. Today, the Aussies likely couldn't even get them out for 360. The 2001 series will always be remembered for Laxman's masterpiece. This series will be remembered for how the new Indian players showed great mental strength and fought hard for a month to deliver Australia one of their most shocking series defeats.
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