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Isaac Gimenez
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Hello to everyone. I've just read all your posts, and I wonder if some of you have tried to think only on allthe things we can learn from this movie. The color of the Na'vi skin doesn't matter, I think. They are blue... well, gratz.. There are a lot of things we need to listen or watch better. An enterprise travel to the space, just for minning a new kind of ore, and it can destroy anything or anybody to get it. Even a race of natives. Do you remember the colonial times here on earth? What the "advanced society" did to "the savages" from outlands. Were they so much "savages" as we thought? In any case, returning to the skin color subject... I don't wanna think why they are blue. I like it. But they glow as result of the energy going trough them. As all the other species on Pandora. Because they are a part of Eywa and It's energy goes trough them. Remember, Pandora is another world, try to do not check it with our rules and culture levels. It was what they who were expelled from there did. Best regards.
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2010 on Why Are AVATAR Aliens Blue? at Avatar Blog
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Jan 2, 2010