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Isaac Gouy
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@Ben Rady >> The act of production is not necessarily related to the delivery of business value << Programmers solving problems "is not necessarily related to the deliver of business value" either. Programmers solve problems that didn't need solving, solve last years problems, create solutions that destroy more business value than they deliver, ... etc etc If "we're better off dropping metaphors altogether" then you should be talking about $$$ -- "As Martin Fowler observed", "If my four successes yield $1 million profit each, but Joe's one success yields $10 million more than the cost of all his projects combined - then he's the one who should get the promotion." Right place, right time, right contacts - to be on the lucrative project - trumps technical ability.
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>>Even if it could be measured, productivity in software does not approximate business value in any meaningful way.<< You seem to be playing a definition word game. As Martin Fowler observed -- "... Joe's true productivity is higher because he has delivered more business value - and I assert that any true measure of software development productivity must be based on delivered business value." Obviously productivity does approximate business value in a very meaningful way when it is defined in terms of delivered business value.
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> too often busy promoting it to their friends and colleagues as a cool language for concurrency and functional programming They are busy promoting it as the solution to whatever happens to be the concern de jour. The Erlang FAQ is clear enough - "Erlang is a general-purpose programming language and runtime environment. Erlang has built-in support for concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance." - and has the great virtue of also saying "What sort of problems is Erlang not particularly suitable for?"
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May 25, 2011