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I'm not sure if anyone will see this because I'm not sure how this site works, but I have a question. I'm quoting a poem (Inferno), and I have to cite the canto and line. However, I am quoting so that I leave an extra unexessaey line out. Here is what I am using: "It whirls and pounds and mauls them endlessly. / It carries them back before the ruin, where / they shriek and moan and utter their laments (Canto V, lines 33-35)..." I am using an ellipsis because after "laments", it continues in the next line with, "and curse the almighty power that sent them there." I'm not sure where to place the ellipsis OR if I even need one. I'm not sure how poems work in terms of punctuation. If I do need an ellipsis, should it go directly after laments, or after the parentheses? Thanks, and sorry if this seemed confusing.
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Nov 16, 2017