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Hi Chris! Great overview of the survey findings. I wanted to share with you an infographic we published based on the findings from the 2011 NBES. You can check out the infographic here:
Everyone should double check the addresses in the "To" field before clicking send - the same goes for selecting "Reply All". A simple mistake like this can look really bad on a person, and possibly even the company they work for. You can never be too cautious when sending an email.
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As many have already mentioned, a company name doesn’t give you much indication about a job candidate. The hype associated with the candidate’s previous places of employment could lead to great let down if you hire them and they don’t live up to the expectations you’ve set based on the company they came from. This is why it’s important to hire people based on their skills, experience and other factors that make them the best candidate for the job.
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Jul 20, 2011