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If this book takes off---as it should---Atlas will become the well-known player that she should be. The lefties will have to ramp up their attacks.
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2010 on Look! Book! Pre-Orders Get Priority! at Atlas Shrugs
Round up these muslimes and throw them out of Great Britain. The muslimes will keep upping the ante, as long as they get away with their muslime behavior...the same behavior that they have practiced for 1,400 years. Time to crack some muslim heads, and enforce the law against this swill.
Another member of Hussein's "I HATE ISRAEL CLUB." No surprises here. Only the stupid Court Jews, Emanuel and Axelrod, work with Hussein, to screw the Jews and Israel. The rest of the Jews shoudl feel as if it is 1938 Germany, again. But, why should the elephant-eared muslim devil care??? The stupid Jews---78% of them--- supported this enemy muslim. It is sad to see a great religion lose so many of its members to terminal leftism. NEVER AGAIN???? With Hussein, NEVER is here, AGAIN!! Wake up fools. This is the 21st Century Pharoah.
Speaking of the muslim cemetery section...Who said that there are NO GOOD muslims? I passed the cemetery today, and saw the sign for the muslim section. I said to my wife, "There are some good muslims."
The muslime devil, Obama, will probably say that the Jews should THANK HIM for beating up Israel....just as he claims that the Tea Partiers should thank him. Hussein, you communist bastard, we will ONLY thank you when you leave office...the sooner the better. G-d will curse him, the big-eared muslim RAT!!!
Obama---you Long-Legged Mack Daddy muslim. Listen to us---the Jews! Some of us have ALWAYS been wise to you. We know that your loyalty lies with your muslim daddies, and your communist mother, grandmother and grandfather (the same COMMUNIST grandfather whose FBI files were recently destroyed---during your filthy administration). G-d says that if you BLESS Israel, you shall be blessed; if you CURSE Israel, you shall be cursed. Obama, even the STUPID Jews who supported you are fleeing. They see your Jew-hatred, and desire to destroy Israel; your inept, feckless unwillingness to attack Iran (or even support the Iranian protests). Hussein, G-d is cursing you right now, and will CONTINUE to curse you, and that Pant Load of feces, Hillary. You are failing. Even your Court Jews---Emanuel and Axelrod---will soon flee your caliphate. GO BACK TO MECCA---AMERICA DOESN'T WANT YOU!!! AHM y'ISROEL CHAI!!
Ban the diaperheads, and toss every last enemy muslime from our country. That is the only solution to this cncer.
Just ANOTHER good reason to keep these cockroach muslims OUT of the country, and to REFUSE to pay for their kids. GET RID OF THESE ROACHES!!!! Vile filth. The contribute NOTHING to our country, and bring it turmoil. THROW THEM OUT. Hey muhammid---IF YOU WON'T FEED THEM...DON'T BREED 'EM!! No welfare for enemy muslimes, or muslim babies--they only grow up to be terrorists.
islam is a "religion" or WAR..not a religion of peace. To refer to these vermin as a "religion" insults good forces in religion, whether they are Christian, Jewish, Hindu, etc. NO religon comes close to islime's 1,300 year history for bloodlust. In days that we were wiser., the US banned, arrested, tossed out, and executed enemy Nazis and communists. Similarly, islam MUST be treated with the ANGER that it deserves, and NO respect. If they cannot be proven loyal, they must be BANNED from entry, Arrested for treason and attempts to destabilize, TOSSED the Hell out, and finally EXECUTED as the enemies that so many of them are. WE DO NOT NEED muslims IN OUR COUNTRY. If they will not prove their loyalty ...BAN them or even EXECUTE them. Close our nation to these human cancers. OUT DAMN muslim, OUT I SAY!!
Don't stop with just a BAN on sheet-heads---BAN ALL muslimes! If muslimes feel unloved in Europe, will our muslim-in-Chief, Hussein, open our doors to more of these cancers? WHY do we want muslimes in our nation? We banned communists. We banned Nazis. We must ban muslims---they are a cancer MUCH WORSE than Nazis or communists!! BAN THE muslim!!
NOTHING NEW WITH islime! They have been barbaric murderers for 1,400 years. This is why Hussein Obama is doing his best to conceal, redefine, muddy the waters, and simply lie about the reality of islam. KEEP THEM OUT OF OUR COUNTRY. IF THEY ARE HERE--EXPEL THEM. islam IS THE ENEMY Get rid of them!!!
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2010 on Scenes from Jihad: Bulgaria 1876 at Atlas Shrugs
Atlas--YOU RULE!! With every letter and e-mail that I receive to join the Kumbayah chorus; with every yellow candle from the Deformed synagogue's "Brotherhood" (wimps trying to be like the Sisterhood), for every solicitation to "REMEMBER," to "NEVER FORGET," I respond to these liberal, gutless Jews...."SCHMUCKS!!! The muslims were the REAL Nazis, before there was a Hitler and his Nazis, and STILL are the real Nazis!" How can these schmucks say "NEVER AGAIN," but are too stupid, or too afraid to say that the muslim enemy are the REAL NAZIS. When a subhuman muslime mudered Rabbi Kahane, obm, the dreck Federation Bigshots acted as if "good---one less problem." When the muslim killer of Rabbi Kahane was virtually set free by a racist mostly Black jury (which even received the CONDEMNATION of the judge---how often does that happen?), the Federation bigs said NOTHING. When that same subhuman muslim---after leaving jail, came back to BOMB the WTC Bldg in WTC I---these same schmendricks said NOTHING. When the muslimes killed 3,000 good humans on 9/11/01, the putzes on the left wouldn't even utter the word "islam," unless it was in the sentence "islam is a religion of peace." Well, baby, I am SICK---and there are a lot of pissed off Jews, and pissed off Non-Jews, who are fed up with our muslim President Hussein Obama, his virtual criminal Atty General---and the rest of Hussein's czars and appointees. We are also sick of Congress, and the so-called Jews (e.g. Schmuck Schumer) who would choose Hussein over Torah, Israel and survival. Well, Honey, count THIS Jew as one who will continue screaming and enlisting other honest, decent and wise people to UN-Elect Buraq Hussein Soros Obama, and remove damn near all of Congress---as well as Pant-Load Secretary of Snakes Hildebeaste Clinton. Jews are supposed to be smart people....but too many of my people have acted VERY DUMB. Liberalism, their new religion, has damaged their brains. Atlas---YOU ROCK!!! ----------------------------- See you at the Israel Embassy, on Sunday 4/25/10---a DEMONSTARTION OF SUPPORT FOR ISRAEL---to say, LOUD AND CLEAR, to our IMPOSTER President and Other traitors "ISRAEL WILL PROSPER," and TRULY---when we REAL JEWS SAY "NEVER AGAIN," WE MEAN IT!! As G-d said, "Those who bless Israel---I shall Bless. Those who curse Israel---I SHALL CURSE." Hussein...Hillary...Court Jews Emmanuel and Axelrod----G-d will SURELY CURSE YOU!!
Should I go home and light ANOTHER yellow candle, sent to me from a DEFORMED synagogue? Will that help? Maybe we need to have more interfaith dialogue with muslime imams. Will that help? The best idea I see is to support GPPD Jewish groups like Zionist Organization of America, Freiends of IDF, and others...but REJECT J-Street, Eric "the putz" Yoffie's Kumbayah chorus, and the other petalas who think that NEVER AGAIN is sure to stop islime. Gather our friends together, SPEAK LOUDLY< and prepare for TOTAL war with these lying verin. In the next war (sadly, it will be) we MUST slaughter every last muslim enemy, and their children. If Israel must throw out EVERY LAST ENEMY muslim---the same way that Jordan is 100% Judenrein, and Egypt still has about 100 Jews remaining...SO BE IT. When the muslimes give us back Medina---and when the muslims stop brainwashing and inciting future generations---we will talk....but for now, the only thing that muslim enemies deserve is lead, widows and orphans. GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY!!
Toggle Commented Apr 12, 2010 on EUROPE EMBRACES EVIL AGAIN at Atlas Shrugs
As G-d said: "Those who Bless Israel, I shall bless; Those who curse Israel, I shall curse." Obama will be CURSED by G-d. The USA is already being cursed by Obama----HOW COULD ANY JEW or GENUINE CHRISTIAN have voted for this scum? Where are the vile Rabbis for Obama, now that the real muslim is out of the bag?
Hussein Obama, Grand Mufti Of Washington, DC and Kenya did NOTHING to confront the Iranians. This muslim Devil has HURT the Israelis, and has BETRAYED even the people of the USA. Hussein encouraged the Iranians do attack and kill our soldiers, the Israelis, and even those who sought freedom in Iran. May G-d curse him, for the way that he has cursed the people of Israel!! Hussein is G-d's punishment to the US,forabandonment of religion and morality.
no.islam added a favorite at Atlas Shrugs
Apr 6, 2010
If Canada had sane gun laws, these muslimes would have had big holes blown through them, and guess what---NO MORE muslim PROBLEM!!
Atlas---Could you please post an e-mail address where we can pass along our DISGUST to these leftist assholes, who claim to be educators at Carleton...another bastion of muslime terror. As to the muzzies---GET THEM OUT OF THE USA, and KEEP THEM OUT. THey are vile SHAMELESS< IMMORAL terrorists.
The logo is too sweet, and too cute. Dealing with islam is NOT cute. They are a cancer, which must be cut out and kept out.
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2010 on SIOA Art! at Atlas Shrugs
England has its EDL. We have our Tea Parties. GREAT HOPE that islime will be flushed out, and G-d willinng, sent back into the rat holes of Hell. The Yellow Stream media in BOTH of our countries are trying to demonize BOTH groups, and ignore or laud the evil muslims and their leftist enemy supporters. We both need strong, honest, and honorable leadership---andmust be alert against evil creeps who seek to bring us down. The syakes are high. The goa is to remove and nullify islime---and save our civilization. HOW CAN ANY SANE PERSON ignore 1,400 years of muslim thuggery, violence and cultural FAILURE. The LEft allies with islam, because BOTH seek our destruction. Whether in the US, UK, or Israel, islime must be contained, weakened and (hopefully) removed!! It is a choice: islam OR survival.
ALL of the 7-11 convenience stores in this area, have signs BANNING face coverings, masks, hooded sweatshirts, and even big sunglasses. The clerks are ALL instructed to NOT ban muslime women from the stores, even if they are in their burka bags. DHIMMIS!!! ANy way to get the muslims OUT of the USA is a good move.
Why the surprise? Hussein "Son of Soros" Obama HATES Jews, Christians and Israel. The only surprise is WHY any Jew or Christian would ocntinue to support this muslim devil and POS!!!
If the very courageous Simon Wiesenthal were alive today, he would be continuing his fight against the NEW Nazis---the muslims---who have been nothing but violent, in all their 1400 year existence. Yes---NEVER AGAIN is here again----but this time the villains are the muslims -- a murderous clan, whose history has been nothing but violent and bloody. Have we learned anything, from the Nazi experience? We shall see. For now, though,it appears as if history is repeating itself, and the Jewish people are asleep, and our enemies include our muslim President and our two-faced leftist Secretary of State. The Jews had better pray to G-d for his divine help, and shake their co-religionists, before it is too late---again.
I hope thatthe big companies MOVE LOTS OF JOBS OUT OF THE USA, and LOUSLY state that Hussein the Bastard's healthcare takeover was what caused to jobs to leave. When the muslim bastard legalizes the illegals,will he legalize HIMSELF?
If the commie muslim bastard's law kicks in, I will be cutting my employee's hours and pay. I'll be damned if I will pay for employee's family health insurance. I'll be MORE damned if I will let that commie Jew-hater, who has never even worked at a real job) tell me how to run my business. May that MF muslim bastard burn in Hell, with his muslim and commie devil buddies. NOW< if the big companies want to do the RIGHT THING, they will CLOSE FACOTRIES and OFFICES in the USA---put Americans out of work. MOVE AMERICAN JOBS OUT OF THE USA. Let Obama be a fast-track JOB KILLER!! Tell Obama to go to Hell!