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Hi, Mowie. You have done so much in just two short years! Congratulations on your new magazine, too - I cannot wait to see it.I'd be happy to help out with the magazine somehow. I've nominated you at Saveur for best food photography, as I do not know of anyone better than you. Good luck. You deserve this award. Dan
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Hi, OCGreg. I just happened to find your site, which I thoroughly have enjoyed exploring. You're too funny. My one question is: why the strike-through of the chocolate-malted? I love this particular combination but never considered it as an OC iteration. Did it not work? I noticed you had the same treatment of Elvis, but I figure that moderation or just good taste kept you from trying a banana-bacon-poundcake OC. Thanks, Dan
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Hi, Mowie. You've outdone yourself - these photos of cherries take the cake! I love the fact that you're doing your Oma proud, which is similar to what I'm doing with my recently discovered recipes from my grandmother, "What Would Jessie Dish?" series. I'd like to try this crumble this summer. Thanks, Dan
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Hi, Mowie. Congrats on the latest award - you deserve all of them, as far as I'm concerned. I love the pink meringues, too. It's one I might try soon. Dan
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Hi, Adam. Thanks for the amusing post. I had a similar experience on - of all days - National Pie Day, which was also a friend's birthday. Thinking I had mastered a good pie crust recipe, I made a new blackberry filling, which resulted in a very liquid pie. Well, I enjoyed bloggin' about it afterwards:
Toggle Commented May 14, 2010 on Patched-Together Rhubarb Pie at The Amateur Gourmet
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I just found your site via FoodBuzz, and I've had some homemade shrimp stock in my freezer awaiting shrimp risotto. Now I will do it this weekend. Of course, your recipe is authentic,as you do not mix cheese with seafood (how I can judge the credentials of Italian chefs!). Keep up the fine blog!
Toggle Commented Apr 27, 2010 on Risotto con le Canocchie at
Hi, Mowie. As always, I enjoyed your recent post quite a bit. I also found your interview over at Learn Food Photography very informative. The portrait v. landscape tip for close-ups is a great one to try out.... Your photos here really capture the essence of spring. It's so much fun and inspirational to stop by your site. Yours, Dan
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2010 on Baked Apple Pancakes at Mowielicious
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Hi, Clay and Zach. I enjoyed your post and thought I'd mention that nearby Vancouver has a huge South Asian population, with some great interpretations of salmon. I recently tried one for halibut about which I blogged. It would work with salmon, too. Check out - Thanks for your wonderful blog, Dan is now following The Typepad Team
Mar 17, 2010