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Islington Council
Islington, London
Recent Activity
Islington Council has agreed to continue its substantial financial support for the borough’s Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) and launched a new grants programme – maintained at current budget levels – for 2016 to 2020. At the VCS committee meeting the council agreed to proposals for a new ‘Islington VCS... Continue reading
The Mayor’s Hate Crime Reduction Strategy has been developed by the Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime (MOPAC) in close consultation with key partners including the Metropolitan Police Service, the Crown Prosecution Service and Ministry of Justice, as well as voluntary and community organisations across the capital. It sets out... Continue reading
Cycling in London has become significantly safer at a time when the numbers of people cycling have risen inexorably. Cycling on the Capital's main roads – the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN) – has almost tripled in the past decade and the number of cyclists fatally injured per journey... Continue reading
In 2014 the Mayor launched London’s first long-term infrastructure plan. The London Infrastructure Plan 2050 is the first ever attempt to identify, prioritise and cost London’s future infrastructure. It considers how we might deliver and fund it, in order to support future growth. Continue reading
Voluntary Action Islington (VAI) - the Council for Voluntary Service for the London Borough of Islington and an umbrella organisation for local voluntary and community sector (VCS) groups, approached London Met to undertake a short piece of research which involved interviewing local VCS groups. The research covered the VCS experience... Continue reading
The Welfare Reform Act was passed in April 2012 and aimed ‘to simplify the benefit system to: encourage people to move into work; [and] make sure that those able to work must show a willingness to work as a condition of receiving benefits’ (DWP, 2013). Research conducted with Islington residents... Continue reading
This plan sets out the Council’s vision and priorities for the next four years, what we will do to achieve them, and how we will measure our success. Continue reading
This paper was published by the LSE in 2015 Islington Park Street Community is an exceptional case of mutual support and collaborative housing in London. While not formally recognised as such, it is probably the oldest example of a long standing co-housing project in the capital city—abiding by all of... Continue reading
This profile provides a snapshot of child health in Islington. Compiled by Public Health England and published in June 2015 it found the health and wellbeing of children in Islington was mixed compared with the rest of the country. Continue reading
This information for Islington and Camden for 2012can be found here on the ONS website by scrolling down the page. Continue reading
London Poverty Profile's website has been created by one of the London's largest charitable funders, Trust for London, and the independent think tank, New Policy Institute. It uses official data to reveal patterns in poverty and inequality. Explore over 100 indicators through ten thematic topics, by borough, or by population... Continue reading
All in Islington is a project that aims to get disabled people in Islington active. The project is led by Islington Council and GLL, who manage the borough’s leisure centres. The project is funded for three years by Sport England, Islington Council and GLL Continue reading
Islington has become the first council in the country to be officially recognised for ensuring that the charities and voluntary organisations it funds through its core grants programme all pay the Living Wage to their employees. The Living Wage is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the... Continue reading
Islington welcomes five Syrian households that arrive in the borough in mid-December - after fleeing civil war and terrorism at home. Islington Council is working with the charity Refugee Action to support the families and help them to adapt to life in London via a two-week orientation programme of practical... Continue reading
National government has cut its funding to Islington Council in half since 2010. That’s half as much to spend on essential services like keeping our streets clean, caring for older people and running children’s centres. We’re working hard to protect your services, but we face tough choices about what we... Continue reading
Details of reading groups in Islington can be found here. Continue reading
There are a range of agencies and organisations that offer support and opportunities for LGBT people in Islington. This information sheet from November 2015 provides details of useful contacts for LGBT people in Islington. Continue reading
A new edition of this Factsheet dated October 2015 produced by Islington Libraries can be found here. Venues are listed under: type of venue; alphabetically and by postcode. Continue reading
Over the last three years the London Borough of Islington has self-reported several breaches of service user’s personal data. This included a breach in 2012 which the ICO considered serious enough to issue a Civil Monetary Penalty in 2013. The London Borough of Islington agreed to a consensual audit by... Continue reading
The Camden and Islington Annual Public Health Report for 2015 focuses on four key areas: i) giving every child the best start in life, ii) addressing economic conditions, iii) improving mental health in the community, and iv) addressing physical and mental health conditions more holistically to improve life expectancy and... Continue reading
This document sets out Islington Council's Allocation Scheme for allocating council homes and nominations to housing associations. Continue reading
The Council has introduced a new policy for all new homes built on existing estates giving priority to people currently living on the estate where the new homes are being built. See here. Continue reading
The asset management strategy sets out the approach Islington takes when deciding what types of long term investment are needed in our homes and estates to ensure they remain places where people want to live for years to come. Continue reading
See here Islington's plan for Tackling Overcrowding published in 2012. Continue reading