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Hi Sharyn :) I have answered your poll but couldn't not leave a comment too lol!
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2011 on reader poll at living artfully
Thank you so much - my kids have always loved incentive charts, and they've both gone for this one in a big way. My son will at least try new things (even if he often decides he doesn't like them) but my daughter won't try them in the first place! She's now so keen to earn her first point(s) on the chart that she's asked to try something different for dinner. Today. Now. And that's such progress :-)
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Fab pages :-) My Sunday's nearly over lol!! I'm spending the last couple of hours of wakefulness catching up on some blogs, half-watching a film, and drinking hot chocolate! PS Go for the Gummi Bears. It's never too early x
Toggle Commented Mar 7, 2010 on design your life - week seven at living artfully
Love the artwork - I hope it'll be framed and proudly displayed?
Toggle Commented Mar 7, 2010 on Some scrappy discoveries at Paper Obsession
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Hooray for Ikea storage!! And hooray for other people who have as much stash as I do.... *blush!* Looking forward to seeing what you do with it :-) See you in class ;-)
Toggle Commented Mar 7, 2010 on Sorting out the stash at Paper Obsession
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Mar 7, 2010