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Israel Fagan
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I can't believe how racist you all are. Real rastas are always talkin about "one people united" and crap and here all you non-rastas are whining dat white ppl can't have dreads cause its not part of they're culture. Well unless your a Jamaican rasta and were raised there you probably shouldn't have dreads either. Its mainly part of the Jamaican rasta culture, not just any blacks. Almost every culture had dreads at one point. Its as much any whities culture as it is blacks.
Were all one people, just cuz we're not all the same color doesn't mean nothin'. I've seen a lot of whites that looked real good with dreads and tha dude in the picture there using elmar's glue/wax or sumthin those ain't even real dreads
Dreads are a hair style. Sure they're also a big part of Rastafarian culture but just because someone has dreads doesn't mean they're trying to be part of a culture they're not. All the white ppl I've seen with dreads say its just cuz they like how they look. Thats like if a dude got circumcised then everyone says hes a poser Jew.
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Nov 30, 2010