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I'm extremely chuffed to have discovered this this year.... Fantastic and the kids loved it!
It is so funny that you mention this as it was only last week when I was asking the same question to twitter. I realised that I did have some of the answers, but being an NQT with 20 new classes to contend with, i resorted to the standing at the front drilling which a) has been doing my voice and throat no good and b) the year 9's hate it. I had this same problem on my long placement and came up with ideas for the students to 'drill' the vocabulary with themselves. 1. Give them the lists of Spanish and English and a stopwatch (or if allowed let them use their phones to time themselves). They have to get the best time of saying all the words between them. Winner gets a raffle ticket, draw for a lollipop/chew. 2. Word tennis - students take it in turns to say the words to each other without hesitating, again going down the list - one can be saying the TL and the other in English and try to catch each other out for points. 3. Splat but students work in 3's, one calls the words, two play - take turns, more students involved. 4. Get a groups of four students to write the words out in the TL once and cut into little cards/slips of paper. Students take it in turns to choose a word and decide how it is pronounced, discuss and you can monitor. 5. Involves making flashcards - but you hide one with one student outside. When that student comes in the rest of the class chant the word louder or quieter the hotter or colder the student is to finding the card. Any more Ideas I would love to know!!! I just now need to begin to follow my own advice now that I have started to settle in.
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Nov 27, 2011