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I have been abducted on various occasions. First as a youth I had experienced sleep paralysis sporadically. Three and a half years back I started blogging about my paralysis experiences on a social network. I was also involved in blog-warring, a light vs. dark nature. Soon after the sleep paralysis stopped and in its place were alien abductions. These abductions consisted of surgical procedures, and communication. On two separate occasions I had seen aliens in my room at night, bedside, seemed to be two different races. Both with large black almond shaped eyes and large heads. Main difference was one had prominent cheekbones. After I became completely aware of these others, in a multitude of ways, I felt like I was being tortured by something supernatural. I started developing what was perceived as mental illness followed by a brash cash of early onset Alzheimer's decease at the age of 30, which doesn't run in my family.
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Aug 25, 2013