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I'm definitely in the camp of people who don't care for Jon Stewart because of the way he flirts with the line between comedy and actual journalism. While I do agree that comedians are often advocates and "reporters" by nature, there's a world of difference between Carlin talking about politics from his perspective on stage and Stewart sitting down with actual major world leaders to have conversations. Every time I hear him say "I'm just a comedian" it comes across to me like him trying to have his cake and eat it too and it doesn't sit right with me. More to the point, while a comedian talking on stage might heavily influence his audience's beliefs, there's still a clearly defined relationship of one person sharing his feelings with a group in order to provoke them. In Stewart's case, "I only get my news from 'The Daily Show'" has become a popular statement that a large percentage of people under 40 won't think twice about. To those people, he's more than just sharing opinions—he's reporting The News. His fans look at him as Webster but he thinks of himself as and he needs to stop pretending like he doesn't know it. It's not necessarily his fault that people take him more seriously than he claims to want, but when a guy gets an interview with a sitting president, he's setting himself up to be taken seriously. I don't think that he should be allowed to just chose to ignore the social responsibility issues that he's privy to because he doesn't like them. I can agree that the world in general is probably better with him than without, but my personal world will remain as Jon Stewart-free as I can keep it...
I resent the fact that "Glee" is considered to be a comedy. As far as I'm concerned, it barely counts as a musical.
The impression is good but the sketch was pointless. I'm hoping that he doesn't fall into the "I do 4 impressions really well but nothing else" trap that new guys on SNL sometimes get into. The same thing looked like it was happening to Hader too at first, but he's doing very well for himself on the show and off, so hopefully Pharoah can do the same.
I went to the taping for the MJR/Mirman/Huebel episode last night and it was a lot of fun. I'd definitely recommend watching the show itself. I've got a reserve for the nest taping as well and I believe it's Sarah Silverman and Tom Lennon so that should be great.
Robin Williams as a Bengal tiger? Why do I have the feeling that this will involve a super racist accent of some kind?
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Oct 12, 2010